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Qibla Locator is a great app to determine the kabbah towards Muslims in each where. The qibla is very important for muslims. In Islam Muslims are buried with the body with the body of the right angle on the qibla and face right after words buried the qiblah direction. Qibla Finder:This QIBLA CAMPASS app to […]

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Sherwani Men Photo Editor is a Fabulous Photo Editor Android App

The Sherwani Men Photo Editor is a fabulous photo editor for your photos. You can see yourself in different designers and new Sherwani stylists without spending money.

Screenshot (2).png
Men simple sherwani suit photo editor is easy to use and download for free. The user-friendly interface facilitates access. Just click on your photo and edit it with this app. You can see yourself in elegant Sherwani

Try the new Men Sherwini Photo Suit New” Men Photo Suit App free download.

Various styles provided by Sherwani men photo costumes. Very user-friendly interface and easy to use, this man is suitable for Sherwani photography.

Take a new photo from the gallery or take it with a new camera and set up your photo with the photographic fit of the suit.

Click on the button of the suit showing the Sherwani Photo Costumes for Men. Choose the costumes of your favorite Sherwani men to install and decorate your photos.

Zoom, rotate and move the available options. After decorating the photo costumes of your Sherwani men to record your SD card directly.

Men’s Sherwani Photo Suit New application totally FREE to try

Indian Sherwani Photo Suit is a trendy photo costume in Sherwani Indian Photo Costume. Here you can see what these clothes look like when you buy these clothes. Therefore, you can easily get an idea for those who wear clothes.

The Sherwani Photo Shoot app for men through you gets a different kind of Sherwani fabrics. Like salwar kames, kurta for men traditional clothing, king style or more style.

Sherwani Suit picture frames can hide your photos and create the best moments of your life. Download the Sherwani photo for men and start having fun at the same time. You can use the Sherwani Photo Editor to put your face in various Sherwani Suit Photo Maker settings.

Characteristic of the photo costume of the Sherwani men:

– Many sherwani frames for elegant man!

– Take the photo of the camera or choose in the gallery. Save your photo in HD quality or share it with your friend and family

– Scale, zoom and rotate to adjust the photo in the image

– Simply adapt the needs of the photo to the combination!


Kurta and Sherwani Clothing

There are many types of clothing available on the market today. From new styles and blends to ethnic varieties, women and men have a wide variety of options for different occasions.


This diversity is the result of India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, which includes beautiful textiles, exquisite techniques and unique patterns and designs. People with different practical needs and fashion minded can find something suitable for them and their wardrobe if they follow the ethnic path.

For men, Native American clothing includes informal and formal uses. Some of them, such as Short Kurta, Long Kurta, Pajamas are common but come with a distinctive fit and silhouette to hold a masculine aesthetic. Indian men wear mainly kurta pajamas,western short kurtis and long, loose kurtas for everyday use. These are usually made from comfortable and affordable materials like jute, khadi, cotton, cotton silk and more. In formal wear, Sherwani is the most important dress for men.

Although some types of Kurta pajamas, such as embroidered silk, can be used for weddings and special occasions, the most popular and elegant option is Sherwani. This royal and precious garment is often accompanied by heavy embellishments,embroidered patterns and an imposing silhouette.

Kurtas and sherwanis are high quality clothes that can be combined with churidars and dhotis. A dhoti is a very distinctive type of Indian garment that is worn as a traditional garment on the bottom of the pants in different parts of the country. Dhotis, Sherwanis and Kurtas are the three most popular Indian wedding dresses for men.

In terms of Indian clothing, the range of options for women is truly stunning. From the short, modern and well-equipped Kurtis, with hand-printed designs to elegant and sophisticated saris, there are many different options.

These are the most commonly used sets of casual wear, with Indo-Western, Kurtas and Salwar kameez tunics. At the formal and semi-formal end of the range, women can choose between the adorable Lehenga cabbage, the elegant saris and the salwar kameez design.

Even in these broad categories, there are many possibilities. There are so many unique types of regional craft sarees as there are modern creators. Salwar kameez are also available in the elegant Anarkali silhouette and in a simple straight cut. Fabrics, patterns, patterns and ornaments may also vary.

From colorful embroidery woven with silk threads to silk fabrics patterns for exquisite velvets kaleidoscopic counts up chiffon fabrics smooth ikkat fabrics, India clothing is a treasure of different materials and l appearance.

Better clothing is not enough to show the style; it is more of an art that is rare with a touch of elegance. When it comes to dressing men, things have to be creative because the clothes are less varied.

Men usually have shirts, pants, jeans, T-shirts, sherwani, kurta, pajamas and dhoti. All these elements combine to form different combinations. Amongst these dress forms, the Sherwani man is the best outfit to give the man an imperialistic look. In Sherwani, men look so handsome and elegant that they tend to steal the show.

In general, the men’s Sherwani is a complete three-piece outfit that includes sherwani pajamas, and a stole hanging around the neck.

However, it is a traditional way of dressing for men; Fashion designers have experienced a lot with the way they work on them, Sherwani cuts and a combination of color combinations.

After all, it has become imperative for fashion-conscious people to follow the changing trends that create the magic around them.  

Important Facts That You Should Know About Wedding Songs

Music is part of our lives constantly and in the celebration of a wedding. The choice of what songs will play on the wedding is the decision of the couple, who will take into account their musical tastes and the songs that are special for them.The hiring of professional musicians is the best choice.

In a civil wedding the music is usually more modern and informal since it is celebrated in a town hall or private estate and the protocol is not as strict as in a religious ceremony.


The highlights of the celebration where to use music are: the entrance of the bride, this is a very exciting time for both the couple and all the guests who want to see the bride in her suit, as it is usually a secret. Here we recommend music that is exciting and not too fast.

Another special moment is the departure of the couple from the celebration room, here you can resort to more wedding songs to walk out to after the ceremony, the moment requires it.

During the readings of friends or relatives or in the rite of marriage, music may sound, although in these moments it must sound in the background, without causing distractions.

For a religious ceremony classical music is recommended, being several the moments in which it is required: entrance of the bride, entrance of the groom, celebration of the marriage rite, moment of the Peace, Communion, signature of the act, departure of the couple.

As for the music in the restaurant, the freedom of choice increases, because the party has begun and that entails more musical diversity. In the appetizer you can resort to live music; a group of piano and string, jazz .There are several options. From the entry of the bride and groom to the banquet hall, there are also several times when music will be needed. In the entrance of the bride and groom, the cake cut, the launch of the bouquet, the first dance of the couple and, of course, for dancing during the night.

Many restaurants have their own live music groups or mobile disc, which will put you at your service. You can make a selection of songs and agree with these professionals.

For the unique first dance songs for bride and groom the waltz is being used as the main piece, and songs are being used to prepare choreography for the couple or a romantic piece that is not as well known as the waltz.

Waterfall Photo Editor App

There is zilch enhanced than spending time in nature and enjoying its beauty. It’s like entering a whole new world where there are no worries and problems, and we can hear the soothing sounds of the creatures that live hidden in the trees and in the bushes. One of the many beauties that can be seen on this kind of trip is a waterfall! Few people have seen it, but there is no one who is not surprised by them.  Complete the following steps and feel the joy with the Waterfall Photo Frame


Choose a photo from your device or take a new one

Find a photo frame that you like and customize your photo

Zoom in or out on the picture perfectly

Beautify your image with fantastic photo effects or add photo text

The latest images of Waterfall photos take you to the top of the hill, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view. The white color is everywhere around you as the water flows down a cliff creating spectacular waterfalls.

You can see many trees above them and beautiful fluffy clouds that decorate the clear blue sky. There is nothing left you could need in this world besides this paradise, imagine and relax.

Find your inner peace with this great image editing program and decorate your photos in the best possible way.

To edit your pictures, download the waterfall photo editor app and start photo editing. All you have to do is load a photo from your Smart phone or make a new picture and then customize it in a picture frame offered by this popular photo editor.

Change the size of the image if necessary, rotate it if necessary and that’s it! If you want a unique image, look at some of the best photo effects and get ready to turn it into a work of art. You can also add photo text and have fun with the latest waterfall picture frames.
Put your picture next to a calm river on a sunny spring day and introduce yourself. A waterfall is right in front of you and you can see mountains that are still covered with snow in the distance.

Another backdrop that will certainly leave you breathless is the one with the Canyon Waterfall. It looks great and would be a perfect match for your photography! If you cannot decide which background you prefer, create multiple images and set up your photo gallery as a photo widget so you can easily access your photos.

Edit photos, have fun and use the best as wallpaper on your Smart phone or tablet. You can also share the best picture frames of waterfalls with your friends and decorate your photos together. Now is the time to discover the key features of this sensational application:


Download these Pictures of Mother’s Day for free

You might download these Pictures of Mother’s Day for free and also share them.Drag the images by moving them or the following and following buttons.


Share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Share via email and sms

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Set images as wallpapers.

Easy to use.

Good-looking wallpaper with creative icons.

Send innovative, most excellent Mother’s Day cards and SMS to your MOM at her exceptional day