Best Free Android Apps

This article is all about best free android apps.What can financial applications do and how do they help? Basically a short and comprehensive answer: All these Android apps are money based and save money when they are used!

The debate about paying most popular android apps of all time since these are money-saving financial applications, it would be quite ironic to push for paid apps. Of course, there are incredible financial apps for Android that cost money (which I would support a lot, but it’s another day). There is no better way without investing. ! Here are the best free Android apps to help you manage your finances!


Get the latest promotions and quotes at the same time, and get very detailed information about the actions you are interested in (or the ones you own). You can also create and track your wallet or wallet with this free and useful Android app. Although this app will not surprise anyone because of the dozens of extra features they may or may not want, their main features work extremely well.

This is another free android apps download that does not go beyond what’s good. It works perfectly as a tip calculator for those who want it (or need it). There are literally hundreds of tips for calculator apps, and it’s the best. Because for me it has the best interface and is really foolproof.

This is a free and very useful Android application for the 10 million PayPal users worldwide. With this app, you can do the same thing you usually do in PayPal. However, paying for an item as soon as possible can speed up the shipping process. You never know, it cannot affect you for dozens of transactions, and next time you have this amazing skin cream on Friday instead of waiting until Monday! Trust me, after this application it is good to have access to PayPal around the clock.

If you want to travel abroad and have a bit of peace of mind when converting money, you need to download a free currency app. Why just download a random monetary app if you can download the best of the best for free android apps? This application developed by Pock tools for Android offers you an extremely simple currency converter in a very simple user interface.

However, if you would like more information about the currency, this app can do the same: you can view the evolution of the currency over a five-year period, compare all currencies, and convert all currencies in that application) or do almost anything you can imagine, if it is one of the currencies of the world.

This is not what is normally considered a financial application, right? It is not, but it is. The important thing is that you can help him save money by deepening the information provided. The fuel consumption of your vehicle is recorded in different ways. This can be helpful if you are trying to reduce your costs and fuel consumption.

The user interface of this application is very elegant and the data is very easy to read and interpret. It’s a lot of fun and possibly an Android app to save money!

This generic name represents the power of the developer of this application for Android. It’s Google and this app offers stock quotes in real time. The user interface is very solid. Like most things on Google, it’s not conspicuous, but it works well. If you’re a Google Finance user and have a wallet loaded, this app will change the way you play because it’s fully synchronized, giving you access to everything as if it were on your home computer.



Monster truck race games in forest

Incredible addictive monster truck race games in forest with excellent graphics. Go through all the obstacles to reach the finishing level. Game infinitely has several randomly constructed levels. Enjoy!


Avoid all obstacles on your way, control your monster truck with physics because trucks to jump, drift and slides like real tire driving!



* Physics game realistic, realistic vehicle and real fun indeed!

* Different origins

* Exciting and addictive for everyone!

* Impressive graphics HD art design

* Sound attractive background play

* Fast action fun radical race

My trucks – my rules! This is the first law of the big truck games. Passenger cars and buses on the road – the smallest link in the Food Chain trucks and ATVs are track predators. Choose your Bigfoot and go in a lively off-road race.

Press the unlimited gas pedal, destroy everything and dominate! Put boring primitive race to hell – a monster truck approaching!


– True truck simulator.

– High quality graphics.

– realistic driving pleasure.


ASCII Text Art

Love Symbol – Art Love Text is a love application that helps you to send the coolest and sweetest art of love text, ASCII text and Emoji Emotion as a surprise gift to your loved ones every day or on special occasions.

You can also find symbols of love and their meanings, discover your love life horoscope and know the number of love describes your love style.

*** Main Functions in the ASCII Text Art ***

★ art of love Text: a huge collection of best love text art, ASCII text and emoji art for your love life that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS, Email, WhatsApp.
★ art of love The text is divided into beautiful categories that you can use on every occasion and every day

★ Your Love Number: Your birthday entry to find your love’s number and find out what your love number says about you .
★ Love Life Horoscope: see your romance, personality, trait and love life based on zodiac signs. You can also see Love Horoscope from any friends, any sign . just enter the birthday.

★ You can also modify / create your own art text love with “Your Text Love” and “I Love You Ascii” which are beautiful ASCII art text sms love templates for your creativity.
★ Search for list or view data in detail quickly and conveniently.
★ Add / Remove Love Text art from / to the favorites section.
★ Browse favorite section easily.
★ quickly change categories by pressing drop-down box in the upper corner, apply in both list and detail view.
★ Copy love symbol to clipboard so you can paste it anywhere.
★ the romantic piano musical background Let ASCII art maker keyboard and faces your love life more beautiful!

Latest New Flower Photo Frame 2019

An application flower photo frame editor rose and garden of photo collages of many shapes. Pretty as a photo frame and multi-channel, so you can use it fully at the Photo Flower. Pink beautiful multichannel photo frame, cute photo frame that can include pictures, many have made yourself.

flowers-2286509_960_720 (1).png

Design your own Pretty as multichannel flower photo collages latest flower photo frame comes with a lot of beautiful free highlight that can be used for free !!! Love flower photo frames and best flower photo frames.Many You Can Design Creative Rose Flower Photo In Free Download With Grid Photo– Collage Maker. To draw an image that has impressed a lot of your photos. Are included in multi-channel applications shaped even photo frame.

With this new talent Choose a nice picture frame, frame like the rainbow selection of Africa background image. Tonus with the colors you choose your own color scheme. And not like You can put pink stickers Stickers cute cartoon sticker Add color additives In the image composition with a nice modern home.

The images are as diverse as the brilliance of your ideas. Tin in vain Flowers The media have a variety of emotions, friendship, love, a bright sun was relayed by your photos. This app will help to create a more attractive presentation.

Cute photo frame shaped app can also be very creative greeting cards such as if it is a wedding greeting Just as it was a special gift for your friends thanks to on line multilayer and mischievous smiles.



Nail design: new 2018


Nail design (Nail Design, Nail Art) can be translated as the art or skill of decorating nails. There is a design of nails in one form or another for a long time.One of the most important stages of its mass popularization was the use of acrylic for decoration and nail extension. The so-called acrylic modeling at one time created a furor.

False nails became available to almost every girl. In the past five years, the beauty industry has taken a step further. The natural beauty has come into fashion, and with it, new nail design materials.

Now there is a boom of home manicure with the help of light and more natural gel polishes. coating for nails based on natural resin, cured with ultraviolet light. Shellac has many advantages over acrylic. It is quickly applied, has a beautiful appearance, is inexpensive and long enough keeps on nails. Homemade nail design with shellac has become a new trend, replacing thick acrylic nails.

Nail design: how it all began Design types New designs in 2018 How to diversify manicure with accessories Popular designs in nail design Nail design.The next fashionable type of nail design is a moon manicure.Today there are a lot of varieties of nail design, which for convenience can be divided into several groups: depending on the materials used, the technology of applying the coating / pattern and accessories used for decorating nails.

Nail design: varieties 3D nail modeling or aquarium design Rather complicated technology of nail design, requiring long and hard work. . At each stage of the coating used painting or accessories.

Due to such a multi-layer effect, a 3D effect is created. It is not uncommon that flowers and decorations molded from acrylic are additionally used in aquarium nail designs. Art painting This is one of the most popular technologies for applying decorative coatings today. For nail design 2018, quick-drying gel polishes are used.

Drawings on nails are applied with a needle, brush or sponge (gradient design). To create geometric patterns used special strips on the basis of glue or tape. A special kind of artistic manicure is water design, where the drawing is applied to the surface of the water, and after that is transferred to the nails. Sometimes water manicure is isolated as a separate type of nail design.

It’s All About (The) Age CALCULATOR


This age calculator is free and keeps track of your exact age in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. The app of this calculator can save the date of birth of your friend, family, along with the message you want to send.

On this day, the message will be automatically sent to your loved one and will relieve you of embarrassment by not wanting them in time.

It also gives the days remaining in your upcoming birthday. Vector calculator app is the best and easiest way to find the difference between two dates. You can save the date of upcoming events in this age calculator and get a warning reminder about the date of this event.

• The age calculator gives you the exact age in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
• It also gives the number of remaining days on your upcoming birthday.
• An…

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