How to be funny … Everyone wondered how to make friends roll with laughter, the opposite sex, friends easily and exude self-confidence? Making people laugh is a powerful thing. He leads people to drop their coverage and open and when it happens, it gives you opportunities to influence! Check …

People who know how to be funny:

Get all the attention wherever you go
People are magnets
Get easy Dates
They are very much appreciated
Think back to when you made the others laugh. (Come on, you’d have made at least once!) What have you done? He was a guy you have made? Write a sarcastic comment? The sound of his laughter? First, find your own sense of humor, to develop and then you will naturally be inclined to make others laugh.

I know it sounds like a lame thing to do, but really, if you look at the things you watch them laugh, you’ll get used to it and begin to crave it. It has become like an addiction. You learn to be faster if you make fun.

Laughter makes you feel good!

Comedians do for you? How about sitcoms, then. How about Cartoon Network? YouTube is also a great place to look. Just put in the funny cricket video mobi into the search bar and you will see plenty of fun to scissors. And believe me, some are funny!

Do not feel like it? Do anyway. There is always something to make you laugh. Do this every day until you start “think funny.” This will eventually become a part of you.

Step 3-3 Jokes Remember

That’s practically what to do. This is an icebreaker and stops when a call is delayed. Search for 3 jokes. Find them in, or Also, there are joke books that you can buy. Just check out the humor section in bookshops.

The best jokes are to learn “the story jokes.” They take longer to say that there will be more attention to you. To be part of the learning fun, is to learn to perform. This is your mini-stage. Run!

Learn 3 jokes, practice until you tell them fluently, and they will be there when you need it.

Note: I’m warning you to learn unpleasant or rude jokes. Many people do not find funny, but many people. They are so funny when I tell them would be questionable at best, is perceived. You want to attract people, they are not too uncomfortable.

Step 4 – Make a face!

Back in school, I have a theater square. A lesson to be as funny and was part of facial expressions. Together, we are in the class in front of a mirror making faces. It was hilarious! After that, I started practicing alone. If I, “exaggerated” with my friends corresponding facial expressions currently. For example, if something unexpected happens, I had to “exaggerate” a surprised facial expression.

It worked like a charm. My facial expression always with a laugh.

Over time it became a matter of course, and I have told of strangers who are my facial expressions hilarious. Practice in front of your own mirror. Get daily facial expressions and try to overdo it. If you find one that makes you laugh, it’s a safe bet that he will laugh others.

Step 5 – Gather Histories

I was telling jokes to big laugh family when I. With small groups Great Aunt Ruth looking for his glasses all the time that they are in the head, Uncle Paul was tried in a car that he believed her, break and caught the children to produce feed for stories funny charge. It’s easy to have fun with a unique personal story.

Think of the funniest stories about his family and practice them say, when you’re alone. In this way, if you’re in a social situation you are not nervous to try the extra effort to remember their history.

Implementation and practice of the five steps that you do a nice and funny person.

It boils down to this: If you want to be funny, to relax you have to learn. Do you recognize yourself to write tense and you can also “quarantine” on his forehead. You can push people like a wolf in a hen house. Store in a refrigerator. The funniest people I know are still those who are more relaxed. You not at all happy


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