Why love is the most important thing in our life

Most of our time is devoted to physical protection needs. We relax and take care of our body work, impeccably dressed, fed. We also provide intellectual stimulation is a priority distraction. Love – however, we will be forced to forget the less.
Indeed, humanity, love has not been taken into account.Therefore, parents need not only in raising their children, and food, common sense, siesta renounce? The requirement is that they allow people other risks inherent human disaster and to save power. Both the small and the strong level of humanity, from the need to work.

Needs and desires of others before our love for others to identify retention. We are hard working and longer, sometimes we love to hate work. We are helping them intolerable conditions of care for those we love when young or old. Respect and love to taste treasure. We, injured or wounded people we love, we are not that cut; Instead, we hunt to ease her suffering. It is not someone he loved; It is the desire to be happy. Wheel love life, it is that the oil is able to lubricate the cables. Although we love, we look beyond our own needs and desires.

Our time, our energy, our desire to give, even if we keep. Love it with the recruitment of lawyers and Rescue hazards faced. It is love that risking all troops. Feels good to show the relatively well loved, but did not. Paradigm of perfect love, Mother (Maa) Teresa worked so long and so hard work and not for himself, but for that of others. If we are looking for, but we see that everywhere. Robert Louis Stevenson believes: “Love is the soul of humanity.”The existence of love, because without any sense or reason in is essential. We have the ability to bring more and more of that love of power shortage. Prototypes love, sweet tame, sweet and is. They took her love to help others, his life meaning and purpose of their service provides.

The hardware side, a detailed investigation of the heart is unfortunate, but our higher consciousness, God, thank greenhouse cultivation heart flame mankind. With love, we do not put our hearts in the Godhead. Instead, we enter the divine heart.Today, people think I’m the most important currency in our daily life. Maybe this is true. If you are a millionaire you will be able to find everything you dream to get. Secondly, you must realize that we can not buy happiness, and love of money. The final article, but not love. About Us immersion, we have perpetual smell.

                                        Mother (Maa) i love my mother loves wallpaper quotes for mother


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