Pregnancy Ultrasound

3D ultrasound is a step in 2D traditional tests used today in medicine. Modern technology has made it possible to take pictures of the fetus in the womb, while still. Computer and powerful software can now technology now produce wonderful images of the unborn child. Never before that such a clear picture was available.

In a conventional scan, the 2D ultrasound pregnancy scanner real image from a series of discs is, a frame at a time. Though the image is very informative, the picture is you can not look like a little baby.3D is a series of ultrasonic echoes from different angles, and the stored digital shade, to produce images of the life of the fetus.The vast majority of the time, 3D ultrasound will introduce and make sure that he or she is good and healthy development your baby. In exceptional cases, if there is a problem; 3D ultrasound can help to understand what they can prepare for any necessary treatment in advance.
Did you have a 3D ultrasound pregnancy test scanner is really good for your relationship with your child in the womb? Well, it is! Studies show that mothers who have a 3D / 4D ultrasound before birth better bond with their babies. Mothers are very strong connection and very important with a small baby and they feel they “know” his best baby when he or she is born.You may have heard of 4D ultrasound? What is the difference? Instead, consider one of the baby pictures, a kind of snapshot; 4D is four-dimensional ultrasound, the creation of live-action unborn child images. There are many benefits of 4D ultrasound technology in the ultrasound image pregnancy.4D entire time series, in other words, you can watch the video of the little baby in the womb.
Depending on how active the baby during the inspection, you could see the movement of the hands and your child’s feet in a position, or even a yawn, blink, sob, or slide your fingers be. If you have been his feeling a little worried about your baby’s health – and what for pregnant mum? – Consider this used at 34 weeks as an extremely reassuring.Normally 4D ultrasound of 24th 24 weeks the baby enough to really not develop beneficial. 27-34 weeks the baby has enough fat, and can still move, so that the images are excellent. This experience with the 3D / 4D ultrasound is amazing, and I recommend it women, especially pregnant women. Do not see your unborn child close and personal. That would be amazing and unforgettable experience.
Sometimes a two-dimensional examination complications. Although 4D ultrasound may be used to confirm an abnormality. Most centers that perform a 4D ultrasound is recommended carried out the test after 20 weeks of gestation. If the child is usually large enough to see the features.
Three-dimensional ultrasonography (3D scanning) and four-dimensional (4D scan) can be complicated to do a little, it is important to choose a center of expertise in 3D and 4D ultrasound ultrasound ultrasound.


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