Wedding DJ

It starts with the sound of the organ struck some high notes and all in the church again to get that first glance like the bride arriving with his father and his entourage of servants. Brides always went the song, one of the oldest wedding songs of all time.


“Wedding March” from Felix Mendelssohn wrote in 1842, did not become popular until it was used for the royal wedding of time, then Princess Victoria. We all know very well, because it is rooted in our DNA and always arises when the wedding to plan whether to use or not, but what I have lately seen as a photographer covering various rich and poor marriage height changed ,

However, this article will not focus on the royal wedding, but I can not ignore, but do not touch, since they affect not only the music, but also set the trend of fashion also. Let’s go back a little FIRST July 29, 1981, and Princess Diana and Prince Charles royal wedding.

Open very traditional and the “Trumpet Voluntary” by Jeremiah Clarke in 1700 and really set the tone for the sponsorship of a wedding march confidently. So is quite traditional by the 80 things that they had and most marriages Religious repeatedly on Felix. As the ’90s came the formality had changed and softened a little, because it was much easier to have your wedding in a hotel or a place.If the place has changed, and the church left music changed. Finally, are married can get your wedding theme together personalize, and although the Pakistani and indian Mehndi Shadi Girls Dance Videos On Songs of Kate and Will have influenced the fashion scene. The music scene is very much alive with a huge wealth of meaningful songs to be that fit the ear of each bride.

When I photograph weddings nor I need a more practical laptop for my camera (s) and make the music not the arrival of the bride, the output and the first dance of the night. It helps me later, when I. Put together a presentation for the happy couple So I thought it would be useful for all interested in my opinion about things be so far. If this small wedding music collection helps another bride with her wedding planning songs, I do not have my time!

Hiring a wedding DJ, does not mean they are the only ones who choose the exclusive right to the music that will be played during the event. For starters there is the ceremony for the case, and therefore you will have the right to decide what type of music to play. Note that you also the kind of songs that you do not give to hear your event. The first thing, the kind of music that asks to be played the actor who is about to the playlist that have been prepared for the event well in advance to rent to choose.

When thinking about the kind of music that will be played by a disc jockey wedding is also important to make the kind of songs that have meaning to see you and your partner. If there is a song that enjoyed listening together, or you have a plant that is reputed to be first on the list. Although it is for a wedding song as the theme to regulate all the time, it is also important to a number of tracks to be played during the ceremony.

Be sure to choose from three hours dance songs in the early hours of the ceremony that you choose as many songs as possible in order to avoid a repeat to make sure. Second, make sure you come up with a list of songs that do not want to play at the event at all costs. You should do, insists that even in cases where customers require for the song, not play.

Music is a must in a marriage. Imagine what will be a can of your wedding, when there is no music. Choosing the right music for your wedding is not that easy. There are millions of songs out there with different styles and genres to choose from, you will not even know where to start. For couples who are music lovers who tend great importance to its repertoire to give songs, and even choose the songs and the music itself. More often than not, choose the music that has special meaning for them.



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