Make A Feather Wedding Theme in Winter

Think to create a wedding in a light ethereal feeling. Springs bring a sense of romance and purity to your wedding theme. They are warm and soft. Think of winter white, where you want a sense of falling snow. Springs can be used to create a once in a lifetime-themed wedding as with our other wedding themes ,colors and songs. We will cover the complete wedding and show you how to use springs in the whole .The best way to springs is to use white to use as your base color. Then add an additional color as an accent.

The Feather Wedding has become one of the most popular wedding trend yet! Why not, it is romantic and fun. Although in this respect are not with feathers as your theme, it could be taken with a little imagination as part of your wedding.Make-A-Feather-Wedding-Theme-in-Winter-2013

§. Spring bridal bouquet:

Small touches light springs can be added almost every bridal bouquet for the truly unconventional bride, bouquets possible entirely of feathers. Almost any kind of flowers with feathers used.Be careful if you choose the colors that you use. not overdue too many colors. Choose two colors of your choice and stick with it throughout your wedding decor.Think of white roses with a collar ostrich feathers


Spring wedding decoration:

Done correctly, will add with springs in your centerpieces elegance and a wow factor, your guests will long remember. Think of big vases, called tower vases with flowers in them. Now think of the same conditions with flowers and feathers down the sides of the control. You do not have your heart and ostrich feathers in a large vase. Feathers add texture and movement and a dramatic effect.

Dekoration-der-Hochzeit-2013-und-2014-tredenz-feder (1).jpg

Spring bridal hair & Wedding Winter Dresses & Decoration / jewelry to the wedding:

Springs are useful and elegant part of any bride’s hairstyle. A few pieces are part of a fascinator or comb with feathers. But if you add a piece of that in this regard as find, you can always touches a pair of spring with a glue gun. You can put a few feathers as accents in your hair. Usually white is used for the bride and match a color for the bridesmaid dresses would be perfect.Even if you are not using a complete spring design, add a few feathered hair clips elegance of the bride and the bride.


§. Spring wedding invitations:

The first place to start is in your invitations. Your invites to a spring included as part of the design. Or you can use a small spring that place hidden in a strip or in the envelope. It’s a nice little nice that your guests are an indication of what will come. You might also be the envelopes of your invitations with a spring-stamp stamp.



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