Importance and Benefits of Mehndi at Traditional Weddings

For weddings in India and Pakistan, the festival lasts for several days or even weeks! These are certainly extravagant weddings and joyous occasions and celebrate this beautiful wedding that some communities around the world can compare with the size and height of the celebration, which was exposed by such marriages. And if you are Indian or Pakistani wedding, the family is not only invited, but to all the friends and neighbors as well! These weddings are celebrations, songs, dances and of course the woman Mehndi applied everywhere!


When you visit a Pakistani or Indian wedding, you would realize that all women who are related or close to the bride or groom henna tattoos on the drawings, which she more beautiful than they already are making, decoration bride with natural henna is certainly necessary, but girls and women around you are free Henna apply to itself and usually on the hands or feet, but also in other parts of the body and the legs, and some applied arm.

Mehndi application is probably not synonymous with western weddings, but India and Pakistan, weddings are not complete without these henna tattoos! Mehndi Songs Pakistani and Indian mehndi usually adorn the hands and feet of women, are marriages in many shapes and colors, but black, henna and black henna the most common. These short-term tattoos usually takes two to three weeks, and disappear after a maximum of one month. You look wonderful in the hands and feet, but, especially when in one or two days before the wedding.

Henna, natural henna, and in particular is very popular and important in marriage:

Henna is made primarily from natural products, so it is completely safe and easy to use. You have no impurities in the concerns of Henna
You can mehndi applied throughout the design, if you like, if you do not wash as the layout of the page, and apply another in a few weeks!
Mehndi is happy occasions and is believed to bring good luck luggage hands and legs, beautiful designs. The designs are also incredibly beautiful, especially India mehndi designs, use these models themselves, and to establish the role of participation in a joyful event!
The mehndi is used to look like a princess or queen to recognize the bride, and believe me when I say, it works!
It is a very colorful cosmetic product that makes it more beautiful and attractive user
Henna is also said to have healing properties and be able to give the remedies for health problems such as dry skin and broken skin or bruises.

You can not handle it, that henna and mehndi are important features in an Indian or Pakistani wedding today as the way they held for centuries!

The art of applying henna on hands and feet as Mehndi. The first floor of henna have been found in North Africa, before settling henna world.

In recent years, the henna paste was applied with the parties, but now an update Henna is mentioned on the packaging on the market cones available, with this, it is the simplest form of henna into different types of cash in the hands , wrists and feet after applying the dark henna, which depends on body temperature, and many people in their own ways, to darker color. Some of the most common forms of darkening henna used.

· Do not wash beginning henna paste.

· Apply when dry lemon juice henna is.

· We will always be able to natural henna, Henna was not dry clean.

· If possible, avoid this. In water for 24 hours

Pakistan Henna part of women’s lives, especially during marriage and festivals. Pakistani weddings are incomplete without henna ceremony is known as mehndi night songs. In mehndi night to all friends and relatives of the bride together and sing different songs related Mehndi night. There are many stories about the dark color of henna on bride’s hand. Some people say that if the color is dark means that the bride, groom, much as you like or you would get a loving mother.

Henna has medicinal value as well. It is considered as an antiseptic. Most people in the villages of henna is used to treat skin rashes and to cool the head, the body in hot summers. In Henna is good for your blood pressure.

Pakistan, India. Morocco, Egypt and Iran are the largest exporters of henna. Much on the local market and the number of minutes listed Henna sold on international markets. Pakistan wants its production by 20%, increase in demand from abroad, such as the UK, the meeting of US and Turkish. UK imports more than 5 tons and the use of henna for cosmetics, hair dyes and for decoration of animal skin to make drums and give them a little of bright colors.

Henna is also for many people who can help a fair amount of fundraising. Henna experts in various displays, upload a good sum of money and you will find the sights of the hand, wrist and feet, which can be enjoyed at parties and weddings, Eid.

A big advantage is that cast iron body with henna for about a week and can create new patterns with henna tattoos are applied, search is body.It safer, painless and inexpensive to make tattoos.


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