Outside registration

Undoubtedly, visiting registration every day is becoming increasingly popular, because thanks to it provides a unique event, a certain extreme, the opportunity to realize their dreams as much as possible on this special day of your life. Marriage registration helps to go beyond the ordinary. This is the day when you can give yourself a touching and simply unforgettable emotions, and to invite to this exclusive holiday for all friends and family. Beautifully decorated for the celebration has many options – this outdoor floral arrangements and wedding arch and red carpet, and a pair of white doves, and the kids, angels, crumbled in front of the bride delicate rose petals ..


There are two possible exit registration:

-Postanovochnaya Or symbolic registration

-The Official marriage registration
Official exit registration of marriage due to the complexity that the registrar and visit: the magazine is not driven out of the area adjacent to the Palace of marriage and the ceremony you must be on time.

Therefore, the most preferred exit staged marriage registration. It gives free rein to select the format, time and place of marriage registration.

Symbolic exit registration
In this embodiment, a visiting place for registration, as well as the time, you are free to choose their own. Visiting registration of marriage is possible everywhere:


visiting a wedding outdoors on a flower-filled meadow;
exit registration on the roof,
visiting the wedding ceremony in the showroom,
visiting a wedding on the beach, on the banks of the picturesque lake or river,
visiting marriage ceremony on the ship,
exit registration in the estate,
exit registration of marriage in the restaurant or banquet hall,
visiting the wedding ceremony in a balloon,
exit registration wedding on board the aircraft,
visiting marriage in the parking lot,
Wedding exit registration in the woods,
exit registration wedding on an exotic island,
and another 1,000 original ideas ….

In the case of staging a songs to play during a wedding ceremony is always present on-site and the registrar of marriages. This may be a well-known personality or actor who perfectly perform their role and cause a lot of positive emotions among your guests.
To organize visiting registration is recommended to visit the registry office and obtain a marriage certificate. To make it more convenient to just on a weekday, when there are no queues.

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The official registration of marriage-the-spot
Legal registration of marriage registration today possible in several cultural and historical places of the city:


Marriage registration in Tsaritsyno – Tsaritsyno registrar. Marriage registration in Tsaritsyno became popular after the restoration of the manor. Today, visiting registration Tsaritsino loved and because of the delightful nature, beautiful in every season, thanks to a refined and truly fabulous architecture and great possibilities offered newlyweds Palace. Reviews pairs confirm exit registration of marriage in Tsaritsyno – a great option for Muscovites!Off-site wedding on Poklonnaya Hill – Kutuzovsky registry office. Poklonnaya Hill has long been a cult place for honeymooners. And the fact that today there may be carried out visiting the real wedding ceremony, only adds to her popularity.



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