Now the German label Nuclear Blast seems to be launching several DVDs, compilations or albums directly from their different bands, and now it’s the turn of the Swedes DEATHSTARS with the compilation “The Greatest Hits on Earth”, throw the lock 10 year career that leave behind for now begin a new stage, which will kick off next year with his next studio work year. On this path and how they face the future, we talk to Skinny Disco.

– Skinny Hi, thanks for your time. How focused are you now?

Hey there! We are busy with pre-tour with RAMMSTEIN preparations and ending wedding songs for our next album.

– Before going into your next album I’d start a little with the principles of the band. How did you get it? Would you mind doing a little tour on your activity during these years?

He had seen a few times in clubs around Stockholm Whiplasher but I had no idea who he was. One day during the spring of 2003, we did together on fashion show as models and then went for a drink. Later that day she asked me if I could make a bass test in their group. When I asked what band out and said DEATHSTARS immediately said no. But downplaying that, at that time I was busy with my group Revolution Riot and others.

The truth is that the band grudge against my former girlfriend. It was a big fan and was always saying how good they were, I hated it … Haha! But Whip did not surrender, gave me a CD and told me that, at least, give him a chance. And I did it. I thought it would not hurt to at least try. After spending a weekend with all the guys for a weekend in the city Antala, Stromstad, I realized we were the same and I really liked their sound.

We got a job opening for PARADISE LOST in October 2002 and this was our first European gia. When we got home I called and asked if I could be a member of the full-time and I said yes.

Since then I am more or less the leading business group. I’m like a tour manager when we have one nearby. Organize trials, print setlists and stuff.

– Over 10 years of experience for a group it is pretty, what now do balance of this decade?

I think we are stronger than ever. We have had many ups and downs this year, which I think has really made us better
adjusting ourselves but also to not worry about crap.

– And why did you choose the name “Deathstars”?

The group comes from the Death / Thrash underground scene, where people gender is usually taken too seriously herself. So we laugh a little of that. Just as there are popstars, filmstars, childstars, pornstar, should have deathstars.

– As I said before, soon you will draw your first compilation, “The Greatest Hits on Earth” so, after a long career but only 3 works long, why did you think it was now time for a disc of this type ?
We wanted to put closure to these 10 years we have left behind and also give new listeners concerts RAMMSTEIN a brief update of who we are.

– What do you want to achieve with this CD? I guess it’s always a good way to make your newer fans know a little more of your past.

Yes, it’s a very honest look at how we are and how we sound.

– Please tell us a little of what we will find in this compact and how you came up with the idea of ​​editing.

You find aps school songs that we believe are the most representative of us. Subjects who have always appreciated live and issues that mean a lot to us. We just wanted to close the chapter of years behind us and put it in a small plastic box …

– “The Greatest Hits on Earth” will contain two completely new Dj Aps All Albums Songs Download songs, “Metal” and “Death is Wasted on the Dead”. What could you comment on both?

“Metal” is the song that probably going to lose his driver’s license to listen. Has that primitive feeling that makes you want to drive fast, eat ice or jump from an airplane.

While “Death is Wasted on the Dead” is more classic sound DEATHSTARS. I’m really happy with both but I can not wait to edit the rest of our seeds.

– I read that these 50 Most Popular Wedding Songs, According To Spotify show your future musical direction so, how this new musical direction pint?

I do not know who wrote that. I have no idea how sound or paint our “new” musical direction. We are always striving to experiment with new things that make us sound more DEATHSTARS. But, absolutely, there is no formula to get there.

– In fact, many groups take a piece of his type when they are finishing a stage and / or starting a new, is this also the case Deathstars?
Yes, as I said we had a bumpy road here. We have had many ups and downs and it’s a good feeling to leave that behind and start something new.

– Anyway, can we expect soon a new compact studio? As they have been over two years since “Night Electric Night”.

Yes, there belong “Metal” and “Death is Wasted on the Dead”. We have a great record coming out as podamso finished filming. I can not wait to return to study.

– Soleis be labeled “Deathglam”; How well this fits with you?

We invented the genre as we get the album “Termination Bliss”. But these days a lot of groups and artists say qye is “their” genre, and we laughed about it. People can call us what you want, but my grandfather tell you we play Rock and that’s what I think it is. But yes, it has fit very well with us, because we play heavy rock spiced with glitter.

– In your May also many electronic music or Rock details among others. What are your main musical influences? Have you opened during estosaños, a new musical inspirations?

It has always interested me all kinds of music. I love everything, Flamenco Country or Death Metal and Crust Punk. I am constantly looking for new inspiration.

– Very soon you will be turning opening for Rammstein, what your your expectations? How do you feel about it?

The only expectation I have is that there are many people at concerts. It makes no sense to expect or desire, since I’m blind. But it’s a great feeling to have done it at last. We’ve been talking for a couple of years about doing a tour and finally it has come. I think we’ll have a good.

– That’s all from my side, thanks again for answering our questions. If you now want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Thanks friend! Stay tuned for our new album next year.


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