Photos Toolwiz an Android app to keep your photos safe

Today we are going to talk about an Android application called Toolwiz that is a real find. This app allows you to save all your photos, sort them perfectly and even alter them through several filters included. But what it does best is to have saved all private pictures you do not want others to see.


Currently our mobile phones are the main device for taking pictures, at least we do daily and casual. That is also the device where we keep most recent photos and if someone picks it without our permission can view pictures that we do not want anyone to see. Photos Toolwiz so you can come in handy for more personal pictures, or those that do not want anyone else to see, you are safe from unexpected prying.

Toolwiz Photos and APS is an application for Android that lets you save all the pictures we do with our terminal. So far, just one of the many applications of this type. But he has a secret. When you open the application we find normal albums that we have organized and with a secret album to which you access by password.


This album is password protected and no one can enter. However, as it is to look someone might ask why there is an inaccessible private album. Well, to calm curiosity, Toolwiz Photos lets put two passwords. One is false and will access photos that are not private and the other will be to accede to those pictures that we do not want to see anyone. Thus, the curious will stay calm and not bother more.

However, if someone gets us moving and try to enter the private folder, by putting the wrong password three times, the phone itself will do a photo with the front camera, betraying the intruder. You see, thinking they have everything.

But besides being a great application to save those photos you do not want to see anyone, also it offers the possibility of ordering as we want all our pictures using tags. Also, with Toolwiz Photos also we can retouch photos to come out best in them and even put several filters to make our way in each.


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