Win your wardrobe winter with Mabrouk!


Hello girls, the whole glad that I come to you today to announce great news!
Our national brand (you know all) Mabrouk and myself offer you the opportunity to finish this year in beauty and start another with a new wardrobe of winter worth 1,000 DT! Yes you read that there are three zero after one, I did not figure wrong 🙂

images (2).jpg

You can all participate and try your luck, the conditions of the game are simple:

-You Have to take pictures in total look Mabrouk with the collection that are currently in stores. You can of course make your fittings in any Mabrouk shop. (you will find at the end of this article, the list of shops Mabrouk)

This game is open to facebook and instagram, once your camera in hand you can choose to:

* The share of GROUP streetstyletunisia with the hashtag #GardeRobeMabrouk
* We send direct…

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