Music with lesbian touch: “Explosion” by Zeolite

In Music last week touched with lesbian touch us talk about that sad time when you know you have to break up with someone but do not want to do it because you love it. And the love is so, knows no reasons, just drive you crazy. We suffered a few weeks and this is no exception, so prepare hearts.


This week we have to add our Explosion Zeolite lesbian list to hear in the solitude of our rooms thinking about our best friend pashto and afghani hot cool songs. And this of heterosexual love a better friend is kind of a rite of passage Lesbicanarias all, and very few of us who have managed to escape from that curse. For all those who have fallen or remain stuck in the hole of unrequited love, this song will be more than perfect because it speaks to that, living to the bars for your best friend rather often tell all the problems you have with your boyfriend while you breaks your heart. Yeah, you know, the one that tells you: “If I were a boy fall in love with you” and leave you catatonic three weeks.

Music last in touch with lesbian week we were all crying in the corners by lesbicanaria version of Hello Adele, so we strung a few weeks of suffering in this section and I fear that this may not be very different, but I sometimes life is like that and touches us Bajona chain soundtrack.

Today we talk about Halsey Ghost, we add to our list of pashto videos gul parna and afghan pashto songs youtube songs lesbian at that time in which we realize we can not find what we’re looking at that girl we love to love. And for our sake we will have to make a move even if it hurts. Ouch! Somebody pass us animal crackers!But apart from what we like to song, to me I found very interesting the controversy that has arisen with the video Gosth, but to explain myself, I’m going to leave you with the thought that it was the very Halsey about:

I made two versions of the video. A couple that stars in a heteronormative and one that starred in having a relationship with a woman. And I’m bisexual, so it was an opportunity for me to express that and teach that part of my identity to the fans. Represent a part of me that would like to see more in culture and was very funny to see the negative response it received the video because both videos have essentially the same story, the only difference is that in the latter replaced the star with a woman.I think at this point no one on this planet who has not heard the “Hello” Adele, in fact at this point, you may even be tired of hearing it and think that it is no longer possible to shed a tear over due to this song. Well let me tell you something: they’re wrong, and I’m going to show.

In music last week we talked about lesbian touch Cliff’s Edge of Hayley Kiyoko and we recreate in these ups and downs in roller coaster sometimes plays plan that we experience when we are in a relationship. And it is that however much you disown the end of the day falling in love is worth.

This week we will add to our list of lesbian songs one that speaks specifically of how love is a privilege that belongs to everyone. It’s called The Same and is played by Jolin Tsai, the video that he wanted to show support for gay couples as we know, at this time can not marry in China.


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