Besay voice tango, bolero and song is done in the Guimerá


aya ahead that for about ten days are sold out for the concert will sound tonight, starting at 21:00 pm in the Guimerá theater, entitled “Songs of love Pashto and Afghan and other matters”. Such is the expectation that has attracted the premiere solo Besay Perez (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1992), an interpreter who despite his youth has had time to encompass the lyric tenor in the Artistic Union Rondalla Cape solo the folk group Los Sabandeños and now direct voice, microphone in hand and face to face with the público.Besay Perez, a singer revelation for some, represents in itself a firm reality, one of those prodigious timbres arising from occasionally these lands, almost natural, with a versatility that allows you to achieve awards in contests of Carnival, covered with the blanket’s own esperancera Sabandeños or dare with a proposal alone.

871218_6a00fd1af0fa4420b8f9c6eb695af50b.jpgThis first gig as an actor, where his…

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