Models haircuts for Ladies

A hair cut properly chosen can transform the style and look of a woman, so today we will review the types of cuts and hairstyles according to the type and face shape.How to know what your face type.You have to do is see your face in the mirror after a bath, and you will take advantage of the steam shower, and draw with your fingers the contours of your face in the mirror. Or just you can also find a picture where you see your face.After observing how is your face or face, came in when determining the form that has the same, for this you have to know very well the following:

If your face has the widest chin forehead. And wider at the line cheeks and narrows toward the jaw. If so, it is because you have an oval face.If your forehead is as wide as the jaw. The line where the hair grows on the forehead is straight. If so, you have a square face.If your face is as wide as long, and a larger part in the line of the ears. If so, you have a round face.If the forehead and cheeks are large, but the jaw is star. It is because you have a triangular face.Well now that you know what your type of face, and only left for you to know what kind of haircut suits you.


With sharp angles, rounded chin and prominent cheekbones. For this type of face, you have to minimize the impression of a round face, for that you have to make a cut in layers to frame the face.

You can also opt for a cut longer than the height of your face hair, this give the impression of having a longer and less flattened face. If you have a round face you have to avoid short celebrity short haircuts styles, rather you should keep long below his chin.This type of face can wear bangs to the side and a height to the eyes, so you get to give a more balanced way in the face and disguise the prominent chin.




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