Benefits of music – 2016

We all listen to music at all hours of the day when we’re on our way to school, when we work, when to eat, sometimes to hear without realizing it. In Mundo Rosa you have good news, besides that music encourages you and relax, also has countless benefits for your health, we are not lying.
Reduce headaches – Headache

The next time you have a terrible headache, listen favorite songs of Katrina Kaif – Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba) Lyrics ,because it is proven that music increases some neurotransmitters such as dopamine that causes pleasure and satisfaction and helps the pain, but not abuses and put heavy metal because they may the pain worse.

It increases memory performance and learning

Music activates both sides of the brain, so when you’re studying listening to music, because it maximizes learning and retention, as well as make your brain more easily process the information, so you know how to make to get 10 on your next exam .


Enhances creativity
According to a study conducted in 2014, the music at a moderate volume increases creativity. Even if you feel that music puts you off, you must also know that helps you have a more abstract and creative thinking. Try it the next time you have to write an essay or do some kind of tedious.

 It takes away the stress

It is proven that if you listen to your favorite indian songs – katrina kaif wedding video songs in times of stress, it will decrease because it makes you feel more upbeat and positive. Then when the school will cause stress, listening to music and feel better.

Improves athletic performance

If you are one of those who decide to go to the gym but do not last more than ten minutes on the treadmill, you have the solution, make a playlist with your favorite and ready songs, as well as that music distracts (so that neither you remember you’re exercising) also improves our energy.Nor can we say that music is the cure for all ills, but go to help, music puts us in a good mood and makes us more optimistic and who does not want to be happy?


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