Discovering the benefits of music

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it but, you know all the benefits that music can bring to your child? If the answer is no, pay attention because today I propose to fill your home with musical notes.
Today, music is being introduced in education from an early age. Ignacio Gómez Peña, College teacher specializing in musical education Alamo, explains that “the benefits that music brings to children are very diverse. With music you work different aspects of the human environment, social, communicative and expressive level. “But if we want to help our baby from its early days and even from that is still within our gut, music is a great option. From 20 weeks of gestation, the baby can hear and remember melodies. And from the moment they are born, we can see how they respond to auditory stimuli. So why not use music to teach them to speak, move or store?
When teaching your baby to talk, music can be a good tool. Not only because it stimulates literacy, but also because it increases the concentration level. Most songs like katrina kaif afghan jalebi video song contain numerous rhymed and repetitive syllables that will help the child memorize and understand new concepts. And if we add to these gestures, we can promote learning as we pass a good time in the company of those we love most.
Also, music also stimulates the body expression. With gestures and different rhythms the child will incorporate new movements, thereby increasing their body coordination.
Music to relax and socializeMusic has the unusual gift of bringing people together, therefore, the baby who is accustomed to enjoy music, will be given to interact with other children.

Also, babies are calmer. We all know the famous phrase’the music soothes the fieras’, as we now understand its true meaning. If we are able to associate a melody to the quiet moments, when the child is more irritated can use to calm him that song. Peña Gómez recommends “children’s songs to soothe and entertain children and classical music as an accompaniment to other activities that require greater concentration, such as reading or drawing.”But as with any other habit, we introduce your child to the world of music gradually. Leaving a while day to enjoy the notes and rhythms in the company of the smaller, soon associate the music with a fun time and we will have achieved our goal: my baby enjoys the indian movie songs of katrina kaif.


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