ways to repair your hair quickly

ways to repair your hair quickly

The pace of life and routine affects your hair is gradually damaged due to excessive heat or other factors that cause dulling and life. However, there are simple tricks that allow you to recover the vitality of your hair easily and without spending too much money or make great efforts. You can apply them daily and without forgetting them, so see how your hair becomes as bright and strong as ever.


1. Let it rest

Smoothing constant drying, massages, hair styling, tinctures, among other things cause your hair to lose strength. Let it rest, to dry naturally and is as it is. Do not ates for a few days and neither alises or ondules. Let it be as it is.

2. Cut the ends

Although perhaps cut your hair will not make it grow faster, yes it will grow stronger and healthier. So if you see that your tips are already heading, then choose to cut and thus eradicate your hair, not to lose life gradually.

3. Do not rub with the towel

Rubbing your hair is one of the worst things you can do for him. Instead of drying in this way when you leave the shower is better than just put a towel or T-shirt to dry without rubbing. This prevents it from becoming too broke or fluffy.

4. Do not wash as often

Routine and texture of each hair is different for each person. However, if you wash your hair all the time you do lose your hair natural oils and the vitality. If you want to clean it, you can also choose dry shampoo.

5. Skip the hair dryer

Excess heat from the hair dryer causes damage your hair gradually, so resulting in a dry, weak and brittle hair.

6. Use a mask of honey

To achieve a smooth and hydrated hair you can try try a honey mask on your hair. Put half a cup of honey in your hair freshly washed and slightly damp (not dry it with a hairdryer). Then used a plastic bag or shower cap to generate heat and let it act for 20 minutes (30 minutes maximum). Rinse with warm water.

Although, if you want this to be frequent you can add a little honey to your shampoo.

7. Hidrátalo always

Try moisturizers that can leave for several minutes. Remember that if you use moisturizer, should not use conditioner. Only one at a time. You do not want your hair to fill different products.


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