Top Ideas for Men Hairstyles 2016

Man, you have to know how to choose the haircut, beard, mustache, sideburns, etc. according to their traits and facial structure. And for the haircut, also it will take into account the shape of the skull, to adapt the most appropriate lines, not to mention their style of dress.

In recent years, the facial communication of man has taken great importance, and many have used to reflect a style. Very important to align the facial body style as the final communication is reflected as a whole. A cut or beard fashion or trend, has to engage the shape of his face, facial lines and also to the identity of the person. Fundamental to convey a style naturally.Short hair with bangs. So carefree hairstyle, bangs is a tendency bring to a side. short necks. Infromal worked with jovial and air.


Follow the toupee … not a new trend but is still booming with small changes. The pompadour hairstyle is carried to one side. very short or almost shaven and mark bay side. A marked trend for this season is to draw the line on one side. Napes clear. Always giving a natural image, be careful not to use lots of gel or pomade.


In most proposals ye have fixed the beard is still a gamble, looking for a total look -cabello, sideburns and beard. When choosing beard or mustache pin, must take into account the visagism-lines, shapes, volumes face.  . And do not forget to take care of her daily, whatever the style chosen.Look at the next picture. Hair, eyebrows, sideburns, beard, mustache and adjusted to the shape of the person’s face and worked very polished form whiskers.

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