Bridal Mehndi Design

Henna when applied to the skin, most commonly done as a form of temporary art, like living in India, Pakistan, Arab countries and abroad communities from these areas, called Mehndi. Mehndi models in North America and Europe in mid-1990 were associated with tattoos. This is misleading because not required mehndi the permanent insertion of pigment under the skin.


Unlike the Indian subcontinent, where mehndi designs in the West are finished, no ritual is involved. Moreover, guidelines and standards for the lines of what can or can not be done, are not usually available. The purpose is decoration or just for funAn easy way to apply henna on which a brush model can be used by prefabricated. It is for beginners or those who do not want to make mistakes. However, the end result will not be so refined, so that by free hand. There are many websites that offer mehndi designs free download.


A popular way to draw henna patterns is allowed to roll through the cones Henna. Henna cones are the henna ink sticks are and are preferred when the desired Mehndi designs are very delicate bride. It is reported that they may be a little uncomfortable, and for this reason, many prefer to use toothpicks, exchange some loss of detail.We need to create skills mehndi patterns not art. All it takes is a little imagination and patience. In fact, traditional Mehndi patterns are formed by combinations of simple geometric shapes, such as curves, triangles or heart.

images (1).jpg

Start with a simple way as a dominant theme, how to choose a circle. Develop from there. The design can be made on the hand or other body part. If you are new, you would do better to the paper properly. Note that the dry henna stain fast and hard as to remove stains. The task is as serious as a haircut.Once you are satisfied with the design on paper, you can do one of two things. Draw the design and use drawing as a guide. Or the use of a carbon plate to transfer the pattern on the skin mehndi. The first method is preferable because it, to get you the right size easier.

images (2).jpg

Before the release of their first design, it is recommended that you watch some videos on design Bridal mehndi. They are the incredible variety in the style of a creative to another notice. Over time and with practice, you will discover mehndi designs which could decide in a natural way through you to be even a professional wedding mehndi designer flow.


Vehicle Verification Android App

The program «Vehicle Verification» works on Android-devices with different screen resolutions and supports screen rotation (landscape and portrait orientation). The program is designed for devices with Android version 2.1 and higher. A list of vehicle models for which the available Android-version of «Check-Engine» Set in the summary table of applicability.




The start screen of the program vehicle registration checker for Android
Configuring Android

To ensure that the program was able to connect to a Bluetooth adapter, you must turn on Bluetooth and pair the device with the Android-adapter “BT-ECU”. Pairing is done in Android Settings under Wireless & networks -> Bluetooth settings. adapters interface code “BT-ECU” – 0000 (four zeros).
«Check-Engine» for Android only works with adapters «BT-ECU K-Line + CAN» (type 03.01) version 1.0 or later and with adapters «BT-ECU CAN» (type 03.02) version 1.0 and later.
Setting «Vehicle Owner Check» program

All options for setting up the program and connect to the adapter and the motor vehicle control unit assembled in a window “Settings”.

screen settings

Mode “Diagnosis”

“Diagnosis” mode becomes available only after connecting the adapter to the program “BT-ECU”. To connect you need to select “Connect” in the main window menu.
Click the “Diagnostics” button to start mode. In this mode, there are 2 tab “Settings” and “Fault codes”. When starting this mode, the program communicates with the car’s engine control unit determines the available diagnostic options.

Browsing diagnostic parameters

The program «Check-Engine» displays the main parameters of the engine in real time. This update only those parameters which are marked in green on the left. To rent or to put such a mark is necessary to click on the line with the appropriate name of the parameter.
If you click on any setting and hold for some time (about 1-2 seconds), it opens a preview of the selected parameter in a single screen with the detailed description, and control the minimum and maximum values of this parameter.
Browsing diagnostic parameters
The list of displayed parameters is different for each model of car. A typical list of options:

The turnover of the crankshaft, rev / min
Vehicle Speed, km / h
coolant temperature, oC
Intake air temperature oC
Air flow rate, kg / h
Ignition timing, c. PKV
The throttle position,%
oxygen sensor voltage to the catalyst, mV
oxygen sensor voltage after the catalyst, mV
engine load value,%
Onboard voltage,
Run with the included indicator Check Engine, km
Reads and clears trouble codes

The program «vehicle registration details for bike,motor by vehicle number registration checker» allows to consider the DTCs from the memory controller engine management (ECU), decode them In accordance with the data of the vehicle manufacturer, and remove it from the computer memory after the fault. Apart from the fault codes and their decryption code output status and simplifies the comment owner to decide on the further operation of the vehicle.
If you have on the “Fault codes” fault codes button appears “Clear trouble codes”. When you press this button, the reset procedure (removal) of fault codes for the computer.

Detected a fault in the list of codes are displayed, along with the status and interpretation. To view detailed information for the code on a single screen, click on the line and a corresponding error code. Color to the left of the DTC defines a conditional “danger level” code for the continued operation of the car. Bright red indicates a fault which is not recommended at any or operation of the car, even at idle. Orange and yellow colors represent a relatively minor fault, which usually allows you to operate the car before applying the service station or the fault of the car owner’s home. A more detailed commentary on a fault code is in the preview window on the code information.
fault codes
DTC status determines the vehicle self-diagnosis system, for example:

CX (stored)
Problem registered vehicle self-diagnosis system several times during two trips in a row, and its code is stored in computer memory. Register the stored DTC activates Engine Sheck indicator on the dashboard of a car;
Tk (current)
Self-diagnostic system detects a fault at the moment.
Saving parameters and fault codes in the file

The current values of parameters and fault codes can be saved in files in text format.
“Trip computer” mode

computer routing mode “Trip computer” is used to control the way different trip parameters (current, average and maximum speed, instantaneous, average and absolute fuel consumption, travel time, money and time spent in traffic jams, etc.), and to monitor the critical parameters of the engine (coolant temperature, battery voltage, the presence of faults detected by the vehicle self-diagnosis system etc.). The accumulated parameters are automatically saved in travel reports.

Display values are displayed on the screens 5 and 6 parameters in portrait or landscape orientation. Complement between screens by the buttons on the settings or gestures “Next” (movement of a finger across the screen from right to left) and “Back” (finger left to right movement).

Provided the day and night display modes with the ability to automatically switch on the set time. For the most reliable measurement of fuel consumption and vehicle speed is provided to calibrate.

For some selections in the “Trip computer” provides the ability to automatically control their values. This means that when the parameter value will undesirable (e.g. the coolant temperature is above normal or lock the vehicle diagnosis system failure) corresponding to the color change to red cells.


Mode “Trip computer” and travel reports

“Devices” mode

In the “Devices” settings (speed, engine rpm, engine temperature, on-board voltage, etc.) are displayed in the form of equipment simulates a car panel. “Instruments” can be displayed in Analogue or digital form. At the same time on one screen can display up to 6 “units”. Possible combinations: 1 to 6 small appliances; 1 large unit; 1 large + 1 small appliance device; 1 large + 2 small appliance device.

For a number of devices (speed, engine speed, coolant temperature, engine load, etc.) It is possible to control the output parameter values display for the selected range. When you exit the parameter range for a beep sounds (if this option is selected in the general settings of the program), the image is a digital device is highlighted in red tsetom and the analog device, a special indicator in the form of an exclamation mark on a red background.

The dress and its history

You remember that was the day April 22, 2012? 4 years ago Patriarch Kirill urged the faithful April 22, 2012 to make hadst standing in defense of the faith, desecrated shrines, the Church and its good name. I decided that it is necessary to be there. You could stay at home and, I understand, but that’s something irresistibly drawn to me then to the center. Place about Christ the Savior Cathedral, I really love spending time in the center is not to miss the opportunity to walk there. And after the people who also have decided to respond to our call for the Patriarch began to diverge, I went shopping once was. In the dressing Kira Plastinina dress – Fashionable Dresses Cutting I tried on, a copy of which is seen at the forum in knitted products.


As soon as it is in the region of 1500 thousand, but I still remember that day in April – colder in the morning than in the afternoon. The temperature rose in the fitting room in this dress – Fashionable Dresses Cutting I was frankly hot. It sat so that obtyanuli all my problem areas. The composition was that it is made of wool with acrylic 50/50. Before the advent of the iPhone in my life I did use the camera. Then I did not have the device from which you can also shoot very well, as well as talk. Why I am I so long, in fact … Besides that between my “wanted to bind” and “bound” can take many years.To stand in the icy wind had) While it was nice to walk because it in summer day in sandals. But I think summer days ahead will still be).
Photo inspiration

Smoothie hit banana

A smoothie banana feasible in a jiffy. You can decline this recipe with any plant or animal milk or a stirred yoghurt for a little more consistency. 2016-04-07 00-00-23.png

For 6 glasses. Preparation 10 min. no Cook

2 bananas, sliced and frozen

400 ml of coconut milk

20 ml of organic pineapple juice
1 lime

1. Squeeze the lemon juice.

2.Mixez all ingredients in blender. Serve immediately.

3. You can accompany your ice smoothie with fruit. Just drag small pieces of seasonal fruits in your ice cube trays before filling the water and make the freeze. For the photo, we added the kiwi, red grape and lime supreme in our ice.