The dress and its history

You remember that was the day April 22, 2012? 4 years ago Patriarch Kirill urged the faithful April 22, 2012 to make hadst standing in defense of the faith, desecrated shrines, the Church and its good name. I decided that it is necessary to be there. You could stay at home and, I understand, but that’s something irresistibly drawn to me then to the center. Place about Christ the Savior Cathedral, I really love spending time in the center is not to miss the opportunity to walk there. And after the people who also have decided to respond to our call for the Patriarch began to diverge, I went shopping once was. In the dressing Kira Plastinina dress – Fashionable Dresses Cutting I tried on, a copy of which is seen at the forum in knitted products.


As soon as it is in the region of 1500 thousand, but I still remember that day in April – colder in the morning than in the afternoon. The temperature rose in the fitting room in this dress – Fashionable Dresses Cutting I was frankly hot. It sat so that obtyanuli all my problem areas. The composition was that it is made of wool with acrylic 50/50. Before the advent of the iPhone in my life I did use the camera. Then I did not have the device from which you can also shoot very well, as well as talk. Why I am I so long, in fact … Besides that between my “wanted to bind” and “bound” can take many years.To stand in the icy wind had) While it was nice to walk because it in summer day in sandals. But I think summer days ahead will still be).
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