Long Hairstyles

Perhaps you saw in Instagram or Twitter, but if not I tell you you saw here today. On Monday I had the opportunity to attend a masterclass of Ghd where we explained how to use their new tools Ghd curve range, curling irons with the best technical advances as its 6 sensors in the barrel to maintain the temperature at 185 ° throughout the hairstyle. The truth is that I do not Prodigal much these soirees, but I found it very interesting because as I told you in this post, get a nice, natural wave still my unfinished business.

download (1).png download.png
They have released four different tools depending on the result we want to obtain, so I’ll be telling which are which result we get and a tutorial on how to use them to extract the most rendimiento.Si the result that want to get is a loop with volume and width is the ideal tool Soft curl a curling iron with a diameter of 32mm for volume at the root and a broad curl. It is recommended for long hair and get a perfect look to do the partitions on your hair, go throwing fixative in each strand and wrap the hair in the barrel and allow 5 to 8 seconds. When we finished with all the hair brush and look. If not so clear you can see the tutorial here.If you like the most classic curl, closed and abundant is the perfect tool classic curl, like the previous one but with a smaller barrel 26mm. To get a curly mane and marked enrollad the lock, place it around the barrel, leaving 5 to 8 seconds and release, make all the hair and then brushed with a comb spaced barbs. He closed the lock to separate conseguis more texture in the hair and therefore more volume – one of the tricks they told me stylists Ghd – can see it in video here.and finally, and by no means the worst, the opposite , my favorite, the waves surfer look long awaited by many.


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