winzip and 7-zip

I latterly got here to recognize that there are many users on the network that compress the files in order that the gigabyte documents can be compressed to 3 hundred megabytes, and here is how they are able to proportion software and games that require lots of space. In reality, one of my buddies instructed me that he observed gta iv, which requires the difficult disk of more than 10 gigabytes compressed to about 400 mb!

I’ve tried the usage of winzip and 7-zip and 1 gb most compressed report compression level, alas, the effects are not as anticipated. I should save approximately one hundred megabytes when the extremely 7z compression was used.


So i searched google the use of key phrases which includes “best compression device” and “most compression”, however most effective determined references to winrar, winzip and & 7 zip. Eventually, i found a software really worth being called a “compressor extremely”. It’s far called kgb archiver, and hyperlinks in your homepage beneath.

Kgb archiver particular features:

1. Its unfastened !!
2. The excessive compression ratios in specific formats, inclusive of zip, 7-zip, bz2, its own layout, that’s extra powerful, and more.
Three. Smooth to use, consists of the capability to vary the diploma of compression.
Four. It’s far available for windows and linux (the modern day variations to be had for linux)

But, there may be a hassle that would save you you with this software. The kgb archiver calls for a completely big amount of cloth and the compression and decompression is extremely sluggish whilst a excessive diploma of compression is used. Decompression 10-20 megabytes of information may take several hours. He is a large cpu machinist!

But, if you need to save your crucial records on a far flung server, or if the reminiscence is constrained, make a attempt well worth it.

I found another crucial aspect of compression. You can compress an already compressed document. I’ve attempted to compress the identical report numerous times, but in place of lowering the dimensions of the resulting larger record! While on the internet search i discovered that there is a limit to which you can compress a report. It is called the “shannon border”.

Furthermore, the compression of video and tune codecs will not be as powerful as compared to files and application files, the time normal text. It’s miles the character of video and track codecs that maximum of the facts is required, and it’s miles hard to rebuild it once more. Compression of those video formats and audio leads to an irretrievable loss of quality.

7zip my experience is the great compression tool, maintaining the speed, ease of use, efficiency and capability in thoughts. You may compress and decompress documents in one of a kind formats and with exclusive tiers of compression and decompression. It’s miles very easy to use, blunders loose and the excellent part to unfastened down load!


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