Gun sounds


A shock gun sounds is a weapon that is commonly used for self defense based on ECT technology. The use of a stunning gun is a question close and personal: the shock gun should address the attacker. A shock gun can provide a load of up to 800,000 volts. This sounds enough to kill a person, but the current load is so small that no lasting damage is added. The current technique used by a stun gun to disable an attacker is known as EMD (Electro Muscular or Disorder).

rBVaEFdVlsuAKHmjAAH3eUhIWl4566.jpgThe effects of an anesthesia gun sounds are immediate and very dramatic. A second shot with a stun gun will cause a painful jolt of his attackers – more than enough to warn them she is armed. Two second shooting begins to cause muscle cramps and stunned attackers can begin. A shot of three or more seconds will cause the…

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