A good packing program

A good packing program must be fast, can work with many formats without problems and also offer high compatibility with other programs. Above all, the unpacker should work without problems with the different Download programs WinRAR and WinZIP are particularly popular.


WinRAR is probably the best known unpacker on the net. It is compatible with 14 file formats and has thus also no problems to create and unzip zip archives. The program is available in more than 20 languages and regularly receives software support with various updates. WinRAR is available as a free basic version, but can also be purchased as a paid full version, which is in the actual sense of the programmers.

In addition, the program also offers various features, which have helped the user friendliness tremendously. For example, it is possible to estimate the size of archives before they are packed.These allow you to share files with friends or work colleagues who do not have WinRAR

When compatible with different file formats, WinRAR and WinZIP show practically no differences. The free WinZIP can work together with all common formats and also easily create RAR archives. So you only need one program to use both archives. While WinRAR was trying to meet its users through more user-friendliness, WinZIP decided to create a multifunctional program.

The archives can, for example, be shared via social networks. It is also possible to manage the archives directly via different cloud services. WinZIP also allows you to zoom in and out. WinRAR is a pure unpacker for professionals. For private users, who want to pack and unpack the files in archives, but want direct editing or partial possibilities, it is recommended to set WinZIP.

However, it is to be assumed that both programs will be approaching in the coming years as well. WinZip has always belonged to the most popular packer programs. In a comfortable interface, you can compress and extract files with just a few clicks. The packer supports a large number of additional archive formats besides the ZIP format.

WinZip 18 improved cloud features

The Cloud features, which were already available in earlier versions of WinZip, the manufacturer has added a whole series of additional functions in the new issue 18.

In WinZip 18, a major enhancement and enhancement of support for cloud services was implemented. So you now have the possibility to store compressed files directly in a cloud, WinZip 18 supports the providers Box, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, CloudMe and SugarSync. The storage of compressed files has the advantage, of course, that they consume considerably less space than uncompressed files.
WinZip – the original and also one of the most popular of all compression programs for Windows. With this powerful and user-friendly tool, files can be quickly compressed and extracted. This saves storage space and reduces the transmission time of e-mail messages.
WinZip offers advanced compression capabilities that make it the most versatile WinZip version ever.

The new “Optimal Compression” option allows WinZip to select the most appropriate compression method for each file based on the type of file. This ensures that all files that are added to a ZIP file will have the highest possible compression level. In addition, WinZip.WAV can better compress music files without affecting their integrity and quality of sound. WinZip is also the right tool for opening .BZ2 and .RAR files.


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