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False accident
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How to control stress and diabetes

A new smart phone application that can detect blood sugar levels and control diabetes

Researchers have developed a self-contained fiber-optic sensor for a smartphone that can be used for various biomolecular tests, for example, to determine pregnancy or control blood sugar levels. Sensor data can be decrypted using an application on a smartphone that will provide real-time results.Scientists at the University of Hannover said that with proper use of the sensor, smartphone users will be able to monitor blood, urine, saliva, sweat and breathing.


The sensor applies the optical resonance effect of surface plasmons, which occurs when light drives electrons on a thin film. Thus, the composition of the liquid, the presence of special biomolecules and microgas residues are determined.

One of the inventors, Court Bremer, said that it is possible to develop a built-in chip for smartphones. Thus, plasma resonance sensors can become widespread.

Using medical applications, the sensor data can be combined with the signal of the global navigation system of the smartphone. Then the user is sent to the nearest pharmacy, hospital or clinic.

Resonance of surface plasmons is a phenomenon that is usually used in biosensor analyzes, for which extensive lab equipment, a light sensor and a light source are required.

The life of a modern man is full of stress. Stressful situations lie in wait for us constantly and, as it turned out, provoke the development of many serious diseases, one of which is diabetes mellitus. How is the state of stress interrelated and diabetes mellitus? How to control yourself and prevent diabetes?

Strictly speaking, the most important role in the development of diabetes belongs to a hereditary predisposition. Scientists have proved this statement with the help of a study of twins. According to statistics, if one of them develops type 2 diabetes, then in the second twin, this disease occurs with a probability of 90%. For type 1 diabetes, the likelihood of the disease is somewhat lower, it is 50%.

However, the presence of an inherited predisposition to diabetes is not a sentence, because for the development of this disease requires the impact of a number of factors.

To provoke diabetes mellitus can:

  • infections and serious illnesses;
  • Presence of excess weight;
  • sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition;
  • elderly age;
  • stress.

Scientists have established that the carriers of the gene responsible for the likely development of diabetes are many people, more precisely, every fifth inhabitant of our planet. However, about 4% of the population is ill under the influence of various factors. The most common among them – obesity and excess weight, then go arterial hypertension, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, stressful situations.

Why does the state of stress stimulate diabetes?

For those who have a hereditary predisposition to diabetes, stress plays a very important role in the development of this disease. The state of stress can trigger the onset of diabetes mellitus of both the first and second types. And for those who already have diabetes, stress can become a factor that exacerbates the disease and leads to the development of complications.

For what reason do stressful conditions affect our bodies?

It turns out that in stressful, stressful moments, the so-called stress hormones begin to be actively developed: cortisol and adrenaline. These substances provoke an increase in the level of sugar in the blood, so that the body at the right time was provided with sufficient energy and the person could react in a timely manner to the situation.

When the danger passes, it is necessary to normalize the blood sugar level. For this, compensatory mechanisms are provided in our body. However, in diabetics they either do not work, or are too weak. In addition, we often have to endure chronic stress. Because of minor troubles and anxieties, we often remain in tension, and our blood glucose level rises. So the result of stress can be many complications:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • impaired kidney function;
  • leg diseases;
  • Strokes;
  • blindness.

To all the rest, the state of stress significantly depresses our immune system. And we often forget about appointments of doctors, proper nutrition and exercise during intense moments, and this only aggravates the problem.

How to control stress

To exclude from their lives stressful situations is completely impossible, but to control stress and thereby eliminate the diabetes-triggering factor can be.

To do this, you need to determine what the impact of stress on the level of sugar. Try to measure the sugar level every time after a stressful situation. Compare the results with the level of tension in other conditions.

In addition, it is worth trying to determine what the effect on your body of various relaxation techniques. To do this, also make measurements of the sugar level every time, so you can find the best way to relieve stress. To control stress, use the most optimal and effective methods.

How to relieve stress?

There are both physiological and psychological approaches to stress management. In the fight against stress your assistants are an active way of life and the ability to “release to freedom” their emotions, rather than accumulate them in themselves.

  • Try to perform exercises based on alternating tension and muscle relaxation.
  • Do meditation or yoga.
  • Most types of physical activity also contribute to lowering the level of sugar and help to cope with stressful situations.
  • You can choose a relaxing hobby.
  • Try to analyze your condition and learn to be free from excessive emotions.

Those who have to live with diabetes and who have a predisposition to this disease, experts advise you to remember about a healthy lifestyle and learn to relate to the surrounding world positively. Thanks to this vital position, diabetics can mitigate the manifestations of the disease and prevent complications.

Blood pressure monitor

Also this week we have again interesting and partly extraordinary products for you before the camera looked at. Including a Blue-tooth headset with a sexy voice, a software for television without a TV and a blood pressure monitor .

We had presented the new Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd * a few weeks ago, now we had the opportunity to take the new Bluetooth headset in person.

If you do not have a TV but still want to use the program diversity of the public channels, the media library under Mac OS X is just the right software. In contrast to the channels of the same name, all media books are summarized in this overview.

The iPhone or iPad can also save lives: At least the Byings Blood Sugar Test Monitor  is the possibility to independently monitor its state of health. In the broadcast we test this out – nurse not necessary.

“One Apple a day keeps the doctor away” – this is at least true for the blood pressure & sugar checker thanks to a new gadget and a suitable app, you can simply use the iPhone to measure blood pressure and pulse. The data is conveniently stored on the iPhone and can be easily compared here. The iPhone accessory from Withings is currently being presented at the CES will be available in early January for a price of 129 euros.

Manufacturer Withings is so far known for its Wi-Fi body scales, which transfer all data to computer or handheld. With the new accessories from Withings, the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can be used for blood pressure measurement. For this, a cuff is connected to the iPhone and the corresponding app is called.

All measurements are saved and can be passed on to the doctor via a share function. The manufacturer had already placed the sales start of the Blood Pressure Monitor on January 5th, so the gadget can be purchased within the next few hours.

Manufacturer iHealth was a little faster with its solution. The iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System can now be purchased for $ 99.95. The gadget consists of a cuff, which is connected to a dock. IPhone, iPod touch or iPad can be plugged into the dock and used by free app to measure and record blood pressure and pulse.

To measure the heart rate you can also access apps that do without accessories.Instead, the pulse is measured at Heart Rate * (free) over the camera of the iPhone 4.If one holds the finger on the camera, the pulse is interpreted by the changed color on the finger. For other apps like EasyPuls * (79 cents), you have to tap the iPhone’s display in sync with your own heartbeat. Without doubt the measurements with cuffs should be more accurate than these two methods.

Blood Sugar Testing

The way to analyze the right way to test the sugar in the blood at home.

At some point of the vacation season, specifically at some stage in the vacation season, diabetics ask themselves what their sugar stages are inside the blood and what they could do to maintain them in take a look at. Many humans have doubts approximately whether your values are regular. Some of the questions human beings ask me are:


What should my blood glucose be in maximum of the time?
How frequently should i strive?
What hba1c blood glucose checks and the way regularly do i show it?
Is there any specific time of the day, ought to you try?
Is there some thing i need to recognize about sugar test by finger real not fake within the blood?
My answer to them is to “study their sugar levels in the blood to measure properly”

How do you do this?

First purchase a glucometer. Secondly, in step with a glucometer. You must learn to use them properly. It’s far a machine, and when used incorrectly, outcomes in incorrect consequences. In my experience, you want to study the brochure which got here with the device.

Then take the meter with you for your subsequent appointment and ask your doctor to show you a way to use it. After imparting the manner the doctor will comply with you and ask if you do it right. In case you do some thing wrong, your physician could be capable of repair it.

The importance of the a1c take a look at

Now that you recognize how to check your blood glucose nicely, allow me inform you the blood hba1c test bases.

How frequently need to you be examined? This test is usually completed once for diabetics in three months

What is the use of these exams? Inform your medical doctor and also you the common blood glucose degree inside the closing three months.

One in all my sufferers has asked me this question. “that changed into my answer: the truth that your fasting sugar degrees in blood and postprandial glucose tiers are everyday does no longer suggest that your diabetes is well controlled. “why do i have this check?

I noticed in my patient is that for a few days before the blood test to consume properly, and if the test file, the extent are nearly normal. However if i do for it the a1c check shows a excessive cost.

Which means that maximum of the “other” my sufferers have a excessive level of sugar. Just as you and your health practitioner have to know if this is what is happening to your case and remedy adjustments primarily based on this end result, day after today or a worry of diabetes should arise and both you and your physician might also ask why it came about to you.

When and how frequently to check their sugar stages within the blood, at domestic

The next step is to recognize while and how regularly you need to check. This relies upon on numerous elements and your medical doctor is the quality man or woman to tell you ways often you need to test your blood glucose within the blood. Newly recognized diabetics and diabetics who can not be managed need to attempt:

At least eight hours of fasting for (earlier than breakfast)
1-2 hours after breakfast
Before lunch
1-2 hours after lunch
Before dinner
1-2 hours after dinner
Acostarse3 a.M. Time (under sure conditions)
I just stated the maximum, the person who is trying to strive an afternoon. In these instances, i usually ask you to be admitted and a stunning nurse who do tests.

But on average, my sufferers are requested to try 3 to 4 instances an afternoon, until your sugar levels within the blood, on top of things, then i ask you as soon as a day to try.

However, there are sure situations that need to be tested as normally greater frequently. Situations in which your doctor can take a look at your blood glucose extra regularly:

If you take your diabetes medicinal drug
In case you begin taking different medications
While you convert your diet
If your recurring exercise stage or activitévariation
When your stress degree will increase

ZIP File or Folder

ZIP File or Folder

Zip file is format of file in which you can convert large files in small files, through zip file you can save your storage space. And very large files can save easily in small files space. So let’s start to teach you that how you can create a zip file. The zip file has the benefits that you can save your storage. And zip file easily can mail, while the long folders or big folders cannot sent through email. Because Some mail have 25MB space to sent .But through zip folder you can send the large files .



How to Create Zip Folder

  1. First of All you need to create a simple folder , For this purpose , Go to desktop and right click then take your curser on “New” you will see that there will be open a new submenu, and in submenu will see the option of  “New Folder” Just click on “New Folder” . Please check the following images for your help.

After clicking on “New Folder” Your folder will be created. And seems like the following image.

Rename The Folder: Now rename your folder according to your data, If you wants to take your personal documents then rename this folder “Personal Documents”. For renaming the folder you can also check the following image.

  • For renaming folder there is two methods. One is simply double click on the folder and type the name, and second is right click on the folder, You will see the option of “Rename” Now click on the rename and rename your folder like the following images.

Now we convert this folder to “zip file “.

First of all right click on the folder then take your curser on “Send to”.”Then you will see “Compressed (Zipped) Folder “Just click on” Compressed (Zipped) Folder

Your folder will create according to the following image.

Note: Please do not try to convert empty folder into zip folder. If your folder has some files or some documents then create zip folder.

Mehndi Designs ?How to Create Your Own


Mehndi is a super and painless manner to beautify the body. There may be a popular style announcement in recent times to show the mehndi art. However, the starting place of this art is deeply rooted inside the lifestyle of the south asian nations, in which women mehndi follow for all favorable events, non secular gala’s and weddings.


No need to be an professional to apply mehndi to research. It’s miles just a be counted of creativity related to persistence. In case you create your personal mehndi designs, the following steps may be beneficial. To start with idea may be very vital. Many mehndi designs are to be had on-line in the form of tutorials and ebooks.

images (1).jpg

The second step is to make a paste from mehndi, that’s very simple. But, with a little experience, matters do now not get dirty. It’s miles important that henna dries fast to…

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