ZIP File or Folder

ZIP File or Folder

Zip file is format of file in which you can convert large files in small files, through zip file you can save your storage space. And very large files can save easily in small files space. So let’s start to teach you that how you can create a zip file. The zip file has the benefits that you can save your storage. And zip file easily can mail, while the long folders or big folders cannot sent through email. Because Some mail have 25MB space to sent .But through zip folder you can send the large files .



How to Create Zip Folder

  1. First of All you need to create a simple folder , For this purpose , Go to desktop and right click then take your curser on “New” you will see that there will be open a new submenu, and in submenu will see the option of  “New Folder” Just click on “New Folder” . Please check the following images for your help.

After clicking on “New Folder” Your folder will be created. And seems like the following image.

Rename The Folder: Now rename your folder according to your data, If you wants to take your personal documents then rename this folder “Personal Documents”. For renaming the folder you can also check the following image.

  • For renaming folder there is two methods. One is simply double click on the folder and type the name, and second is right click on the folder, You will see the option of “Rename” Now click on the rename and rename your folder like the following images.

Now we convert this folder to “zip file “.

First of all right click on the folder then take your curser on “Send to”.”Then you will see “Compressed (Zipped) Folder “Just click on” Compressed (Zipped) Folder

Your folder will create according to the following image.

Note: Please do not try to convert empty folder into zip folder. If your folder has some files or some documents then create zip folder.


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