Blood pressure monitor

Also this week we have again interesting and partly extraordinary products for you before the camera looked at. Including a Blue-tooth headset with a sexy voice, a software for television without a TV and a blood pressure monitor .

We had presented the new Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd * a few weeks ago, now we had the opportunity to take the new Bluetooth headset in person.

If you do not have a TV but still want to use the program diversity of the public channels, the media library under Mac OS X is just the right software. In contrast to the channels of the same name, all media books are summarized in this overview.

The iPhone or iPad can also save lives: At least the Byings Blood Sugar Test Monitor  is the possibility to independently monitor its state of health. In the broadcast we test this out – nurse not necessary.

“One Apple a day keeps the doctor away” – this is at least true for the blood pressure & sugar checker thanks to a new gadget and a suitable app, you can simply use the iPhone to measure blood pressure and pulse. The data is conveniently stored on the iPhone and can be easily compared here. The iPhone accessory from Withings is currently being presented at the CES will be available in early January for a price of 129 euros.

Manufacturer Withings is so far known for its Wi-Fi body scales, which transfer all data to computer or handheld. With the new accessories from Withings, the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can be used for blood pressure measurement. For this, a cuff is connected to the iPhone and the corresponding app is called.

All measurements are saved and can be passed on to the doctor via a share function. The manufacturer had already placed the sales start of the Blood Pressure Monitor on January 5th, so the gadget can be purchased within the next few hours.

Manufacturer iHealth was a little faster with its solution. The iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System can now be purchased for $ 99.95. The gadget consists of a cuff, which is connected to a dock. IPhone, iPod touch or iPad can be plugged into the dock and used by free app to measure and record blood pressure and pulse.

To measure the heart rate you can also access apps that do without accessories.Instead, the pulse is measured at Heart Rate * (free) over the camera of the iPhone 4.If one holds the finger on the camera, the pulse is interpreted by the changed color on the finger. For other apps like EasyPuls * (79 cents), you have to tap the iPhone’s display in sync with your own heartbeat. Without doubt the measurements with cuffs should be more accurate than these two methods.


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