App lock for your lock application

For the fortification of somebody who will perceive your non-public photo, message and video, we bring in App lock for your lock application.Instead locking your device locking your applications using powerful lock all App android.Install This awesome app to lock all your important apps. This application is the best application locker available in the game store.
Best AppLock can safely store your important information and can automatically connect to websites with a single tap.

• such as account numbers, usernames, passwords, credit card information and more
• Any protection mechanism is disconnected from your terminal only
• Support password lock & Dot lock
• Support folder lock, password field lock and browser lock
• Automatically fill in your usernames and passwords to websites existing in “login” templates or a single tap (includes copy and paste) to complete web forms with built-in web browser
• 60 standard models for fast data entry with the ability to create or modify custom templates with unlimited fields and default templates can be reset
• Support Categories, Folders & Subfolders for better organization of files and you can select a template for any folder to create folders as quickly as possible
• Powerful password generator to create passwords not to be guessed
• More than 235 icons to customize your folders
• You can email, copy, cut, paste, or delete multiple files / folders at a time
• Tap field for built-in copy hide password search / reveal
• Optional self-clear clipboard when output application or manual cleaning
• Links, phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be activated by touch
• Auto-lock to protect the application from prying eyes
• Optionally self-destruct if pirate tries to guess your password
• connection / break in reports – Sharing files by email or clipboard
• Backup and restore your data via GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Wi-Fi or iTunes become a member for ipassword today.
Your digital life will be in comfort and safety with it. (Locks, Look, Lock, AppLock, Unlock Protector, Keyboard, Hacker, Intelligent, AppLocker, ipassword, password, login, custodian accounts, grave, hide,
This application provides three locking modes for any application
1.Password lock 2 pins lock 3.pattern lock
Plus there are many interesting features
Profiles – you can make different profiles
SMS lock stealth mode (no icon – so no one even knows the application is installed)
False accident
The loading time of the application is super fast looks like no other apps in the market.
Install this application and make your life safe!
This is by far the best arch photo app I have encountered. Works like a charm to keep prying eyes away from my private photos.
Two lines sold!
You can use AppLock custom password to
• app lock password
AppLock Theme
Lock application by password
app lock application Android
• facebook password
AppLock free
• photo love casier
• Password Wells


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