Evening hairstyle for a girl


1. Make the main ponytail in the place where you want and tie it with elastic band.

2. Begin to make the main braid of the three braces, but from each section leave a loose little string. This will be a cascading braid, you will see it in the photo next. You can work with wet hair, so it’s easier.


3. Leave small loose strands throughout the length of the braid. Fasten the end of the braid with a small rubber band.

4. Then wrap the hair like a bun in order to make the main beam. Secure the bundle with a few invisible objects as needed. Do not insert invisible objects in each place with loose hanging sections of hair, because the hairdo should be free.


5. Take a small curling iron and begin to curl all the strands of hair that are left hanging from our beam. Curl…

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Double Your Profit With These 5 Tips on Mehndi Designs Videos 2017


 Don’t Just Sit There! Start Mehndi Designs Videos 2017

2ac75442265fe7472c701537164afa4c.jpg3464652471771a6905522bbab6c51830.jpgThe Hidden Mystery Behind Mehndi Designs Videos 2017

bce50620638b67e12eb8bf7fed9a1987.jpga57a04b52cd3121f85b483a2474c9b63.jpg5 Incredibly Useful Mehndi Designs Videos 2017 Tips For Small Businesses

ee4f015d9f0dd7fe2dc747e47012e033.jpgHow To Get (A) Fabulous Mehndi Designs Videos 2017 On A Tight Budget


These types of mehndi patterns are used temporarily to paint on the hands and feet of the bride. The ingredient powder used called Mehndi to create henna. Henna is a shrub or small tree about 2-6 m.

This henna is pulverized and then mixed with mustard and tea to create a thick paste. Most of the time, the shadow red-brown henna is also mixed with other plants to change their natural color. If the dough is used to create a mehndi design, I have to wait before the mehndi to completely dry.

Actually a dye Mehndi the paste is absorbed through the skin, it remains in the skin for…

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This Study Will Perfect Your HairStyles : Read Or Miss Out

If there is one thing that women like to change is their hairstyle. It is said that a woman who is about to change her hairstyle is preparing to change her life. All the opportunities are good: break, passage of the cap of quarantine, job interview … i put a lot on this hairstyle and for good reason: it can change the appearance of the whole.

Most of the time we record the picture of a mannequin or a magazine star and we file with the hairdresser. Later we will be disappointed with this attempt because we are far from having the same rendering.


One can not consider a new hairstyle without considering his face. There are no fewer than seven different forms. To simplify your life, I give you a simple little exercise to define the shape of your face: make a ponytail and sit facing a mirror.

Use a stick of lipstick and draw the shape of your face on the mirror. Then compare it with the images that follow below. (Think of erasing after that because the lover may not understand your new fad).

images (1).jpg

Hair dropped or ponytail for today? Enough! Step out of your routine and wear hair accessories to dress up your look and the sophisticated two-step three movements. Again, I tell you and I repeat it: everything is in detail. And the details are the accessories. Then, to your combs and bunches as we will together revolutionize your way of hair

Note that these hairstyles are usually easier to design and also prettier when your hair is a little dirty. I wanted to repeat again and again that if you attack your hair with too many shampoos, you spoil them! Especially since the hair fiber is more docile and holds better when there were a few days between shampooing and the elaboration of the hairstyle.


If your hair is too clean, you’ll have to dirty it! Yes, and this by bringing texture and material to your hair: a little foam, lacquer, dry shampoo, wax … It all depends on the hairstyle in question but know that it is also always good to brush Her hair before beginning these hairstyles so as to distribute the concentrated sebum to the roots. The hair will then be brighter and sheathed.

They hydrate themselves, that nature is well made! You now understand why when you wash your hair every day, your hair is bold at night. By using a detergent you remove natural sebum and your scalp takes revenge by producing even more. Perhaps a message from your body so that you stop torturing them and that you try these hairstyles.

Nothing is easier to accessorize your hair: grab a scarf or a headband and let your hair loose or place around it. A real play on short or long hair. Grab wicks and wrap them around the headband by twisting them, bunching over the headband and fastening it with bun pins, wear it in a conventional way such as a headband or a little “hippie” in Placing the headband like a crown.

The season of the beach rhyme with mane in the wind! Unfortunately, this is not the best thing for your hair. It is best to attach them and keep them away from the wind and the sun so as not to damage them. Moreover, with the many baths to come, it is better to attach them in height if you have a little length.

Things You Have In Common With HairStyles

Ladies with short hair can admit: they dare! But at some point the point in life, where every woman just has enough of her long mane and needs a general change. We have collected great inspiration from Hollywood, because stars are a real enrichment, as far as hair styling & fashion is concerned. We show 30 naughty short hair dresses, which are guaranteed to make a make-over!


Hair off or rather not? – refuses any woman. Some fear that the short haircut affects the feminine radiance. After all, cheeky short hair cuts do not really look like any face or figure. Large women with very short-cut hair are more or less male. However, a short bob is a good hairstyle for this, which is relatively easy-care and at the same time stylish. Before you decide for a radical change, let yourself be advised.


In fact, short-haired hair cuts on medium to small, slim women look better than on something strong. Under the short hair can hardly be concealed. Facial expressions, eyes, ears and a graceful neck come into their own. If you are proud of yours, then a cheeky short haircut is just right for you!

+ Short hair change the type and provide a wow effect

+ The daily styling takes only very little time

+ You can experiment with new hair colors

+ No intensive care and hair masks are needed more

– you have to go regularly to the hairdresser, because hair wake up per month about 1-1.5 cm

– more styling products, in this number also a good hairbrush for blow drying are needed

Elegant or quite naturally styled. Once the appropriate cut to the face shape and the hair type is found, you can always reach a different, new appearance on every occasion. Ladies with thick, strong hair recommend stylists to opt for frivolous cuts.

For thick hair, perfectly long Pixie hairstyles are suitable, with the hair from the top hair discreetly decent. Thus the facial contour is emphasized. The steps take on the gravity of the hair and set great accents. The hair can be blown backwards and stylishly stylized with some hair waxes as well as styling to the front.

Mittellange hairstyles are no longer a womaning and are becoming more and more popular in men in recent years. Since hair cuts and stylings like man bun and men ‘s pigtails are coming, it is high time to let the mane grow longer.

We have looked around for you at male celebrities and found really good examples of men’s breasts!Uncomplicated and timeless: the rear-styled hair is still a favorite of the men with medium-length hair. Using gel, hairspray, foam or wax, the hair style can be styled quickly. Find out exactly which product suits your hair type, because gel can look fast and greasy with thin hair.

How much do henna tattoos cost?


Latest mehndi designs for hands and legs videos are an attractive option for certain people who want to get a tattoo, fundamentally underage people and those who are not 100% safe since they do not have enough courage to deal with needles. These designs are designed for those who want to get into the world of body art but without getting a permanent tattoo. Ultimately with this type of “temporary tattoo” you can avoid the 2 biggest problems that anyone who starts in the world of body art faces: the pain of needles and the permanent ink of conventional tattoos. Here are some of the answers to the most frequent doubts of people who opt for one of these temporary tattoos. They are a type of temporary tattoos. Henna is a paste made of crushed leaves and branches of the henna plant. The paste can also be made from dried…

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Usual pack formats ZIP and RAR unpacked 7zip

The free 7zip is used for archiving, that is to say the compact design of data, whether for transfer or storage, where they should occupy as little space as possible. If you have, for example, a collection of data or files, you can minimize the size by a packing process. 

The freeware supports the well-known archive formats RAR and ZIP, but can also offer its own, powerful format with 7z.7-Zip is a free pack program, which is both able to deal with the usual archive formats like RAR or ZIP as Also an own archive format named 7z. RAR archives can unpack the freeware, but not pack. Apart from 7z and ZIP, 7-Zip is still able to use a number of other archive formats for compression: XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR and WIM. 

The 7z format is particularly characterized by a high compression rate. Regardless of the archive format used, 7-Zip provides secure 256-bit encryption. By integrating with the Windows context menu and its built-in file manager, the program makes it much easier to create and unpack archives. Also with 7-Zip you have the possibility to create self-extracting archives.

With 7zip it is possible to store compressed and archived data in several parts, called volumes. The size can be determined and dynamically determined. This process is particularly suitable for storing data carriers with limited storage capacity or sending them via messenger or email programs.

Executable files (.exe) that are packed in an archive can be opened directly with 7zip without unpacking them beforehand. Many self-extracting archives are also useful for this purpose.

Such self-extracting archives can also be created with 7zip itself. However, you can not use volumes because the operation works only for archives in a file.
If two panels are open, 7zip can also be used as a simple file manager in the style of, for example, Norton Commander.

Archives with corrupted file name information can be opened, if necessary the files are renamed.

In addition to the usual pack formats ZIP and RAR unpacked 7zip. The Windows format CAB, the UNIX / Linux formats TAR, RPM and DEB, and rarer pack formats like GZIP, BZIP2, ARJ, LZH, APM, CHM, Z or CPIO.Standardly, the data compression program generates 7-Zip archives in 7z format The file extension of the same name .7z. Each of these 7z archives can contain several directories and files. The format 7z is basically a pure container format, which is open and modular.

7z: The alternative to Winzip and Winrar

The download of 7-Zip is free of charge and is therefore an excellent solution for all compression and decompression procedures of data encryption. Packing and unpacking is a children’s game that does not require any great instructions and is handled by itself.

7-Zip is the tried and tested program for packing and unpacking archives

7-Zip is often used to make file packets from images or multiple data into a handy package. The bundled packages have a much lower memory size and can be easily and simply used as attachments in emails.

The 7-Zip Portable Download supports the formats 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR (Pack + Extract) as well as RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH and CHM , Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS (only unpacking). Although the program is free and open-source, the 7-Zip Portable Download often shows higher compression than RAR and ZIP.

The three probably most frequently used data compression programs on the market are probably Winzip, Winrar and 7-Zip. After years of development the three programs are finally also able to process file formats such as 7z, rar or zip.

The 7-Zip file formats include Apple Disk Image (.dmg), Apple Hierarchical File System, ISO images from CDs and DVDs (.iso), UDF images from DVDs (.udf), and Microsoft’s Virtual Hard Disk (. Vhd). Also multimedia files like Flash videos (.flv) or Shockwave Flash (.swf) can be packed with 7-Zip and compressed for a better data transfer.

Which of the three known data decompression programs the user wants to use ultimately, is entirely with him, since there are no too big differences in the versions and versions. Before a program for restoring the files is used, it is worth to exclude annoying sources of error, unfortunately Often overlooked.

For example, CRC errors are often due to badly entered passwords. Therefore, the password should be checked again. Often, the files can then open. You can also download a new version of the Extract program. Even if the file has been packed with a new version, but its own program is not up-to-date, errors can occur.

Repair and open broken Zip files

The problem can often be solved with the attempt to open the file on another PC. The user does not know what is the problem, but can still access the files. Since malicious anti-virus programs can also be responsible for the problems, it may be worth disabling them for opening the ZIP file.

However, this should only happen if the data source can be trusted. For the future, it is also recommended to create back-ups based on the generic principle from important files. For archives, it should also be checked whether all parts are actually present and the unpacking process does not stop because one is missing.
The ZIP format is next to RAR archives the most common format for packed files. If you download a ZIP file with an Android device or get it via e-mail, you can not open the packed file easily and thus do not access the content. However, there are ways to open your pack files in the format ZIP on Android devices.

Without additional installation, you can just connect your device to the computer and move the downloaded ZIP file from the Android device to the hard disk. There you use then a free packing program like WinRAR or WinZIP for extracting the Android-Received ZIP archive. In the Google Play Store, there are also numerous free Android apps for unpacking ZIP archives.

Download for example the Android version of WinZip or the popular AndroZip file manager on your Android device. After the installation, you start the app. Using the Dateimanager you will see existing Zip archives on the Android device. Searches for files with the extension .zip and type them. The corresponding unpacking apps such as WinZip or AndroZip do their work directly and put the content, ie pictures, documents etc. on your smartphone or tablet. Just as easy as extracting is also the creation of packed Zip archives with AndroZip And WinZip for Android.

Browse through the folder with the files you want to pack. In the top menu bar is now the appropriate option to create the zip file on Android. With the checkboxes you can select all pictures, office documents, text files, etc., which should be packed into your Zip-Archive. If you have selected all the desired files, click on “Zip” in the upper right corner. Now you can specify a filename for the archive. This is stored in the same folder where your source files have been found. The Zip archive is finished on Android

Good news for all lovers of comfortable fashion


Good news for all lovers of comfortable fashion – new sneaker trend on the horizon! And this time it is more luminous than never before – the shoes are really light.
In the sole, these strange sneakers have integrated an LED strip which can be adjusted continuously, but also to change their colors or even to flash.

Whether exceptional sneaker or street shoe with flashing white light, the LED shoes signal the wearer absolutes fashion consciousness. These are often preferred by youngsters and kidnappers, as they simply look cool.


One knows the cool sneaker trend from the dance floor and it is popular among young people and children. On the walkway or, for example, when jogging, even adults are increasingly presenting a fashion statement. The shining shoes look not only good, but also have a practical use – the evening running or the way to school in the dark…

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