Things You Have In Common With HairStyles

Ladies with short hair can admit: they dare! But at some point the point in life, where every woman just has enough of her long mane and needs a general change. We have collected great inspiration from Hollywood, because stars are a real enrichment, as far as hair styling & fashion is concerned. We show 30 naughty short hair dresses, which are guaranteed to make a make-over!


Hair off or rather not? – refuses any woman. Some fear that the short haircut affects the feminine radiance. After all, cheeky short hair cuts do not really look like any face or figure. Large women with very short-cut hair are more or less male. However, a short bob is a good hairstyle for this, which is relatively easy-care and at the same time stylish. Before you decide for a radical change, let yourself be advised.


In fact, short-haired hair cuts on medium to small, slim women look better than on something strong. Under the short hair can hardly be concealed. Facial expressions, eyes, ears and a graceful neck come into their own. If you are proud of yours, then a cheeky short haircut is just right for you!

+ Short hair change the type and provide a wow effect

+ The daily styling takes only very little time

+ You can experiment with new hair colors

+ No intensive care and hair masks are needed more

– you have to go regularly to the hairdresser, because hair wake up per month about 1-1.5 cm

– more styling products, in this number also a good hairbrush for blow drying are needed

Elegant or quite naturally styled. Once the appropriate cut to the face shape and the hair type is found, you can always reach a different, new appearance on every occasion. Ladies with thick, strong hair recommend stylists to opt for frivolous cuts.

For thick hair, perfectly long Pixie hairstyles are suitable, with the hair from the top hair discreetly decent. Thus the facial contour is emphasized. The steps take on the gravity of the hair and set great accents. The hair can be blown backwards and stylishly stylized with some hair waxes as well as styling to the front.

Mittellange hairstyles are no longer a womaning and are becoming more and more popular in men in recent years. Since hair cuts and stylings like man bun and men ‘s pigtails are coming, it is high time to let the mane grow longer.

We have looked around for you at male celebrities and found really good examples of men’s breasts!Uncomplicated and timeless: the rear-styled hair is still a favorite of the men with medium-length hair. Using gel, hairspray, foam or wax, the hair style can be styled quickly. Find out exactly which product suits your hair type, because gel can look fast and greasy with thin hair.


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