This Study Will Perfect Your HairStyles : Read Or Miss Out

If there is one thing that women like to change is their hairstyle. It is said that a woman who is about to change her hairstyle is preparing to change her life. All the opportunities are good: break, passage of the cap of quarantine, job interview … i put a lot on this hairstyle and for good reason: it can change the appearance of the whole.

Most of the time we record the picture of a mannequin or a magazine star and we file with the hairdresser. Later we will be disappointed with this attempt because we are far from having the same rendering.


One can not consider a new hairstyle without considering his face. There are no fewer than seven different forms. To simplify your life, I give you a simple little exercise to define the shape of your face: make a ponytail and sit facing a mirror.

Use a stick of lipstick and draw the shape of your face on the mirror. Then compare it with the images that follow below. (Think of erasing after that because the lover may not understand your new fad).

images (1).jpg

Hair dropped or ponytail for today? Enough! Step out of your routine and wear hair accessories to dress up your look and the sophisticated two-step three movements. Again, I tell you and I repeat it: everything is in detail. And the details are the accessories. Then, to your combs and bunches as we will together revolutionize your way of hair

Note that these hairstyles are usually easier to design and also prettier when your hair is a little dirty. I wanted to repeat again and again that if you attack your hair with too many shampoos, you spoil them! Especially since the hair fiber is more docile and holds better when there were a few days between shampooing and the elaboration of the hairstyle.


If your hair is too clean, you’ll have to dirty it! Yes, and this by bringing texture and material to your hair: a little foam, lacquer, dry shampoo, wax … It all depends on the hairstyle in question but know that it is also always good to brush Her hair before beginning these hairstyles so as to distribute the concentrated sebum to the roots. The hair will then be brighter and sheathed.

They hydrate themselves, that nature is well made! You now understand why when you wash your hair every day, your hair is bold at night. By using a detergent you remove natural sebum and your scalp takes revenge by producing even more. Perhaps a message from your body so that you stop torturing them and that you try these hairstyles.

Nothing is easier to accessorize your hair: grab a scarf or a headband and let your hair loose or place around it. A real play on short or long hair. Grab wicks and wrap them around the headband by twisting them, bunching over the headband and fastening it with bun pins, wear it in a conventional way such as a headband or a little “hippie” in Placing the headband like a crown.

The season of the beach rhyme with mane in the wind! Unfortunately, this is not the best thing for your hair. It is best to attach them and keep them away from the wind and the sun so as not to damage them. Moreover, with the many baths to come, it is better to attach them in height if you have a little length.


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