Evening hairstyle for a girl


1. Make the main ponytail in the place where you want and tie it with elastic band.

2. Begin to make the main braid of the three braces, but from each section leave a loose little string. This will be a cascading braid, you will see it in the photo next. You can work with wet hair, so it’s easier.


3. Leave small loose strands throughout the length of the braid. Fasten the end of the braid with a small rubber band.

4. Then wrap the hair like a bun in order to make the main beam. Secure the bundle with a few invisible objects as needed. Do not insert invisible objects in each place with loose hanging sections of hair, because the hairdo should be free.


5. Take a small curling iron and begin to curl all the strands of hair that are left hanging from our beam. Curl…

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