How To Make Your Hair Styles Look Amazing In 5 Days

For those who have fine hair, this characteristic is almost always a problem.Hairstyles have difficulty keeping themselves in this type of hair, it gets oily more easily and the appearance usually does not please much. But all is not lost, it is possible to put into practice some tips that can greatly improve the appearance of fine hair.


With so many chemical disposition, even women who do not have naturally thin hair can suffer from the problem. Dyes, straightenings, discolorations, among other chemicals can affect the thickness of the threads, leaving the hair looking thin and without volume. For these cases, it may be worthwhile to rethink the use of chemicals or seek effective treatments.

For those who have fine hair because of the same genetics, it is possible to stylize the hair so that it gains more body. Haircuts and some simple day to day tips can help if the thickness of your hair is not pleasing to you and you want more volume hair.

In this matter you will learn more about how to give more volume to fine hair, what cuts are most indicated, what hairstyles can be made to stylize hair, and photos to inspire those who have fine hair.

Anna Wade-Long-Blonde-straight-hairstyles.jpg

Investing in a good cut is the initial step for those who have fine hair and want to give more body to the wires. The tip is always to take advantage of cuts that assign movement to the yarns to make them appear fuller. For this, it is interesting to avoid very straight cuts.

What we do with our hair since bedtime, washing time, drying time, combing and all other related care influences and much the health of our hair.


It may seem like a silly idea, but even the pillowcase material can influence the frizz of the strands. Cotton pillowcases, for example, end up having more friction with the hair, so they can increase the frizz a little. Already the satin pillowcases are softer in their strands and tend not to cause this effect. Unfortunately, they are harder to find, so if you want to choose this type of pillowcase, you’ll probably have to do it or sew it yourself.

Solution: Wash one day and one day, or skip two days without washing. If your hair becomes too oily, try to wash only the fringe and hold it well when cooking, especially if you are going to do some frying. If it is hot, making a coke or a tail also helps to keep it clean longer. On the day of washing, if it is very oily yet, braid to disguise. Solution: If you want to make an ombre, buy a product for it. Already the total discoloration is a little more dangerous. Better not to risk it. But if you are unattached and want to try anyway, buy good quality products and follow the instructions make weekly home masks to restore the oils that protect the hair and reduce the dry look that these products cause.


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