Digital Body Temperature Thermometer

Fever is a normal and necessary event. It is the natural instrument of the body to protect against bacteria and viruses. These microorganisms indeed survive with difficulties at temperatures above 38 degrees and fever are the way to defeat.

The temperature rise is a sign that the immune system works well our son. For this reason, it is not appropriate to february just a few months to administer a child: Let your immune system work freely.


The pediatrician should be consulted to ensure the correction if the dose of paracetamol is administered when the fever rises above 38.5 degrees or when the child shows discomfort and restlessness. Morning and afternoon ;: Fever should sometimes be Never after eating or at night when the body temperature is usually higher. Some physical and environmental conditions can affect the right action: in a room that is too hot or a hot drink, for example to drink, you can increase the temperature a few degrees of the body.

For a correct and reliable measurement, you must have a Good Fever Test Thermometer. As an alternative to conventional mercury permanently from the production by the law, it is possible to use other types of thermometers in a different way, but equally as accurate and reliable. The digital thermometer is highly regarded for its practical applicability; It is available in different colors.

There is placed a device with a very fine tip in the area where the temperature is measured while at the other end is an electronic sensor to detect the body temperature. The Digital Body Temperature Thermometer can be placed in the mouth and under the armpit, but this type of measure means that the child is already quite large and therefore the co-operation. For very small children, it is best to find the disease in the anal opening, which will place the tip of the thermometer and gently coating almond oil discomfort. All you have to do is wait a minute after pressing the button to read the temperature.

Another possibility to take the temperature of the infrared thermometer. It was screened in Italy; The thermometer is characterized by a special ergonomic shape, so it can be “set”, exactly where the temperature.

The device receives and processes the radiation emitted by the human body at a distance, which takes place in seconds, degrees. The infrared thermometer reading for fever captures the rising fever set by the thermometer in the temple or spacing; Or in the ears, according to the “timpani measurement. “You must recognize some manual dexterity and especially in the ears can detect values ​​that are not correct on the presence of inflammation of the temple, ear infections.


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