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How to prepare for wedding

In those days, when the marriage went out exclusively at a tender age and by all means through the wedding, the wedding veil was an obligatory accessory of the bride’s attire. Is the veil out of fashion today?

Initially, the function of the wedding veil, which served as a symbol of innocence and purity, was to cover the head of the bride during the wedding in the temple and to protect the girl from evil forces. Today, not all marry both in the registry office and in the church, so, it would seem, the veil should lose its positions. But the fashion designers intervened in the fate of the veil – and gave a second life to the accessory – not with a sacral but with a trend sense.

Screenshot (2).png

Today, celebrities who do not even pass a wedding ceremony, with pleasure put on a veil. The accessory from the Grandma’s classics has become a trend, and designers are happy to experiment with styles, styles, materials and decor.

However, stylists recommend wearing a veil to young girls, and mature women choose a different decor – for example, hats and veils, which look very stylish and elegant and do not conflict with age.

Wedding stylists note the strong influence of trends on bridal hairstyles. The coming season was no exception – the year has just begun, but the most obvious trends of wedding hairstyles 2017 are already known.

Main trends of wedding hairstyles 2017

Wedding stylists create in this season the bride’s hairstyles in accordance with the following fashion trends:

hair on the side part, which is decorated with flowers – a very romantic, feminine and gentle image, for such a hairstyle you can use a side chignon and artificial or natural flowers;

Exciting forties – an elegant arrangement of smooth waves, which is suitable for lovers of glamor. To create accents, you can pin your hair with beautiful hair clips. Such a hairstyle for the wedding will help create a refined, bohemian image;

Spit a girlish beauty – all fashion designers have decidedly decided, and now they advise the brides to weave braids, weaving in them threads of pearls, flowers, hairpins with stones and rhinestones.

Special love for stylists enjoys the French braid – a romantic, magnificent braid on one side, decorated with strings of pearls and flowers. As an accent, you can use a hairpin with a large flower;

The eternal bundle – careless pebbles will never go out of fashion. Wedding hairstyles with a bunch are created using chignons, decorated with studs with stones and rhinestones, pearls, flowers and ribbons.

You can attach a veil or veil to the bundle. A special glamor is a three-dimensional smooth beam on one side. Such a hairstyle for the bride will create an elegant and refined image.

natural color of hair – in the general tendency for all natural stylists recommend to girls to refuse shades tear out eyes and for the hair to choose natural colors;

Wreaths and flowers – another gift of fashion for all natural. Wedding decorations, wedding decorations and design elements of hair, created from flowers – natural or artificial – are at the peak of the popularity of wedding fashion in this season;


DNA testing for paternity

Many people today have been spared the burden of child rearing. This was done by DNA testing for paternity. In most states, the government would need DNA information about a child before releasing public funds to raise them. This makes DNA testing necessary for certain groups of people; as in this case, mothers without the financial support of the parents of their children. Paternity tests can be performed on babies immediately after birth to identify their true biological identity. DNA testing for a baby is a complex process and is performed by trained professionals. A child usually inherits half its genetic composition from each parent and parent chromosome identified and tested in paternity tests. As you plan to bring your child to this test, here are some details that you need to know.



The most common method to test DNA is saliva samples. The child and the saliva of the presumed father are removed and transported to the laboratory to extract DNA samples. However, cells from any part of the body may also be used. Then saliva samples are examined for similarities. This test is 95% more accurate and is the most common DNA paternity test. The laboratory can publish saliva DNA tests in less than a week. And they are confidently handed over to the customer. In rare cases, blood samples can also be used to determine the biological father of a child. The blood group is identified and assessed to determine whether it corresponds to the alleged father. Other blood components are removed, such as plasma cells, and their DNA strands are checked. If 13 of these leads correspond to the alleged father, the tests are positive.


However, blood tests are not as popular as saliva tests in parental tests.Some of the benefits of paternity testing include bringing peace and stability in the family by providing social and emotional support for the child, determining the child’s health history, and also tackling adoption problems, especially when a child needs to be adopted in a nursing home.Look for the best DNA testing equipment for those that are accurate and give results as soon as possible. Such institutions should have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and few legal judgments, if at all. This is an indication of their professionalism in this area. Some institutions offer parents home test tools. But before you buy this product, make sure you understand it. Read the guidelines and procedures for this process to avoid errors.

Crack My Screen Android App


You do not identify how to catch retribution on your friends who played you out by saying that they encompass healthier to a barely credible amount – Try in performance them with the broken screen application. The connotation of the application is that when somebody asks you give him a phone call, you particularly imaginary that the phone is diminishing and infringement, the screen shakes with levelheaded chips and the thud of broken glass is being issued

Screenshot (2).png

The application broken screen on Android works in the background, so no one will notice the dirty trick. In the program settings you can adjust the effect of the split screen, and also select the sound.

Features of the program Crack My Screen:

Realistic effect of the broken screen

High quality graphics

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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About fashion shoes

We are all different, we have different thoughts and different bodies. It is important that you wear what is best for you and even when it comes to shoes, we should not make an exception.

shoes-heels-ami-mu-shin-3olivesuedeAccording to your legs you can easily identify the shoes you should wear. You should only follow the following rules:I recommend the shoes tied to the ankle, this will undoubtedly provide a feeling of thick calves.Boots are an excellent option, so visually your legs will be fuller.If you wear dark shoes will balance your legs forming a contrast in the tonalities, which will give you the

Wear leather shoes so your legs will look more elongated.Heels stylize your legs.Avoid dark tones.If you want to wear boots, the most flattering ones are those that have the cut on the knees.Short legs:

Wear the same color of shoes and pants, this trick will visually lengthen your legs.The shoes with elongated or triangular tip are magnificent for this model of legs.Skin tones are ideal if you want to wear skirts, dresses or shorts.Long legs:

You can experiment with many styles of shoes.Try to wear square or round toe shoes.Do not forget .The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself.

Know your body so you can find out what are the best pieces of clothing and accessories for you.What is perfect for your body may not be perfect for others and vice versa. You are different and beautiful!Shoes are a very important complement, choose the right ones according to your legs.Invest the time necessary to find a pair of shoes in which you find at least one of the rules for your type of legs.

Fidget Spinner why is it so popular


The name of the popular new toy spinnercomes from the English word spinner. In English, words can be both a noun and a verb, so the word spin translates as rotation or twist, rotate.” And the word spinner can literally be translated as rotator, but the meaning is more suitable spinner or top, whirligig, if you like, turntable. Spinner is, in fact, the same top, only a few in a different form.


The essence of the spinner is that due to the central bearing and the blades the toy can be held on the fingers for a long time in a rotating state and due to this the fine motor skills of the hands develop, and together with it our brain also. Performing various tricks with a spinner requires certain skills and their training, in the process of which development takes place.A hand spinnerfor children can contribute to…

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Halloween Makeup For Eyes


Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a day that I love, and although I do not need excuses to create dark things throughout the year, Halloween is the perfect time to go crazy with it.I create artistic makeup for eyes, using my own as canvas, and cosmetic and make-up products as paint. Each work takes a lot of time and care, and of course, a lot of patience.Many people ask me if I go out with my works in the eyes … the answer is normally not,but Halloween is the best time to boast of this special artistic makeup.


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The impact of metals: silver or gold


a142f7ca6a7155278821aed26f8677a9.jpgJewelry with natural precious or semiprecious stones has on the human body not only a healing effect, but also a healing one. It is the therapeutic effect that creates different stones in different ways. The impact of metals: silver or gold, is also necessary for man, because gold jewelry ornaments excite and enhance the active power of the body. Silver jewelry has a passive power – calming the human body.

a2982c5de809301a87afc29ca7dbb752.jpgProducts made of gold are similar to the sun – its radiation is able to awaken, raise, ignite, push for active action. Silver influences man as well as the moon, enabling the body to rest and get rid of excess energy.


In order for stones and metal not to lose their force of influence on the consciousness and the human body, they need to be removed for the night, giving the body and consciousness the opportunity not to get…

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