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How to clean your jewelry

I love jewelry, I always try to wear some every day that I go to university or work. What caught my attention is that a few days ago I tried to put on a necklace, had mutated its nice silver color by a kind of tenebrous yellow drawn from the horror films. Does not this sound familiar?


What happens is that we do not realize that our dear treasures need special care, since they are always in contact with our skin, dust and many chemicals. So to find no more unidentified objects instead of cute accessories, we have prepared a post on how to take care of your jewelry. Let’s go for the tips!

How to clean your jewelry
To take care of your gold and silver jewelry, there are different methods, between the homemade and the more sophisticated. Here we will see all of them. For example, you can do it with ingredients that you find in your kitchen, like lemon, salt and water: fill a glass with water, cut half a lemon and squeeze it, finally add a half tablespoon of salt. With this mixture you are going to brush your jewels (remember that it is with a brush of soft bristles not to grate the surface), you rinse very well and dry with care.

Another method is to do it with toothpaste, or neutral detergent and water. The procedure is very similar to the previous one, only this time you can let it rest for 10 minutes in the mixture and from there brush. In addition to this, I recommend you go through a temperature cycle, first with warm water and then with hot water. This, because the temperature change may mistreat the jewel, especially if it has some stone.

Leaving our homes and looking for more specialized methods, we have the magic flannel that must have seen some time. This comes with a special substance that by simply rubbing our rings or necklaces, they are as new. You can buy it in any jewelry.

Finally, for much more sophisticated methods we have the ultrasonic machine to clean jewelry. You can find them in jewelry stores and even buy some that are quite economical. The only thing we should take into account is not to use them with jewels that have stones, because they can be detached in the process.

These jewels need special care, remember that they are natural elements and we do not want the precious white that characterizes them to turn yellow. For this, we can use neutral soap and a damp cloth. Afterwards, you should only rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly; Some recommend leaving the jewel overnight inside a cotton cloth to absorb moisture.

A secret of my mother is that if it is a necklace of pearls, for example, you put it before bed and sleep with it put. The warmth of the body and the same grasite we have, will make your pearl necklace regain that spectacular shine that you like so much.Clean your fantasy jewelry
For these jewels, it is necessary to forget everything previously learned; That is to say, it is forbidden to soak them in water because they are not made with resistant materials such as gold or silver, at the most it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and some neutral soap. It is advisable to use lemon juice to clean and remove the rust.

The best thing is that you do not sleep with them, the sweat will cause them to be mistreated a lot and will not be beneficial for your skin. Do not bathe with your jewelry, even if it is the necklace of luck that you promised never to get you out. Most importantly: apply the perfume before putting on your accessories, not later !, but the alcohol will pass the bill.

When you have them, do not forget that they also need some care. If you intercalate between them and do not use them continuously, unless it is the string of luck, they will last you much longer. If you see any damage in the clasp or something, do not manipulate them, it is better to take them to a specialist. Do not expose them too much to the sun or damp places and above all, take them from time to time from their cases to see how they are and give them a clean.

How To Make Your Hair Styles Look Amazing In 5 Days

For those who have fine hair, this characteristic is almost always a problem.Hairstyles have difficulty keeping themselves in this type of hair, it gets oily more easily and the appearance usually does not please much. But all is not lost, it is possible to put into practice some tips that can greatly improve the appearance of fine hair.


With so many chemical disposition, even women who do not have naturally thin hair can suffer from the problem. Dyes, straightenings, discolorations, among other chemicals can affect the thickness of the threads, leaving the hair looking thin and without volume. For these cases, it may be worthwhile to rethink the use of chemicals or seek effective treatments.

For those who have fine hair because of the same genetics, it is possible to stylize the hair so that it gains more body. Haircuts and some simple day to day tips can help if the thickness of your hair is not pleasing to you and you want more volume hair.

In this matter you will learn more about how to give more volume to fine hair, what cuts are most indicated, what hairstyles can be made to stylize hair, and photos to inspire those who have fine hair.

Anna Wade-Long-Blonde-straight-hairstyles.jpg

Investing in a good cut is the initial step for those who have fine hair and want to give more body to the wires. The tip is always to take advantage of cuts that assign movement to the yarns to make them appear fuller. For this, it is interesting to avoid very straight cuts.

What we do with our hair since bedtime, washing time, drying time, combing and all other related care influences and much the health of our hair.


It may seem like a silly idea, but even the pillowcase material can influence the frizz of the strands. Cotton pillowcases, for example, end up having more friction with the hair, so they can increase the frizz a little. Already the satin pillowcases are softer in their strands and tend not to cause this effect. Unfortunately, they are harder to find, so if you want to choose this type of pillowcase, you’ll probably have to do it or sew it yourself.

Solution: Wash one day and one day, or skip two days without washing. If your hair becomes too oily, try to wash only the fringe and hold it well when cooking, especially if you are going to do some frying. If it is hot, making a coke or a tail also helps to keep it clean longer. On the day of washing, if it is very oily yet, braid to disguise. Solution: If you want to make an ombre, buy a product for it. Already the total discoloration is a little more dangerous. Better not to risk it. But if you are unattached and want to try anyway, buy good quality products and follow the instructions make weekly home masks to restore the oils that protect the hair and reduce the dry look that these products cause.

What Can You Do About Dry hair Right Now

In normal condition, each individual hair is closed. Thus it reflects the light and shines particularly beautiful, at the same time the inner hair is protected. But especially in the summer, the hair is heavily added: when swimming in the sea, for example, salt water lets the hair swell so that the scales stand out and the natural moisture evaporates. The salt crystals settle on the hair like small magnifiers and intensify the effect of the sun. This triggers a reaction which corresponds to a chemical lightening in the hairdresser.


A few beach days are of course not so bad. However, if you regularly heat your hair, dye your hair or do not gently comb it, the hair is very stressful – particularly fine and long. Porous spots are formed, sometimes even entire scales are torn out, the hair is leached and hung down flat. The result: splits and hair breakage. Straightened hair can be the direct result of dry hair.

The dryness of the hair can also be related to the hormone balance: while the scalp often produces too much fat during puberty, the production decreases in the menopause. This can affect both fine and thick hair. And curls are almost always dry, because the natural fat of the scalp does not slip on them as well as on smooth strands.

Dry hair: shampoo, rinses, care tips
Dry hair requires moisture-binding substances such as vegetable oils (for example, coconut oil), waxes or urea, which are applied like a nourishing film around the entire hair. Meanwhile, there are even special product lines that distinguish between dry and very dry hair. So that the hair can be combed well after the wash, a conditioner should be applied and washed. Wet hair is very sensitive and tears easily. If not combed carefully, split ends can result.

Nourishing products which do not have to be washed out are advisable for dry hair. These include special care sprays, which make hair easier to comb and hair oils that are incorporated into the tips. But: too much hair care can be harmful. Therefore: The right shampoo, a hair treatment OR a conditioner are a must and should be thoroughly rinsed out again. After the hair wash, an additional leave-in product is recommended.

Shampled hair: shampoo, rinses, care tips
Cosmetics chemists assume that stressed hair can be the result of dry hair and is rather fine. For this reason, special active ingredients are required, which can specifically dock at the porous sites and repair the damage exactly.

At the same time, however, the care must not be too rich, so that the hair is not too heavily weighted and after the washing is flatly suspended. When buying the care products make sure the shampoo and rinse are suitable especially for strained hair. These products contain repair substances that build the hair from the inside.

The hair is dry and stressed? The right care:
The hair is brittle AND stressed? In this case, one should concentrate first on the care of the porous areas and use products for stressed hair. With slight damage one sees after five applications an improvement, depending on the hair condition but it can also take longer accordingly. Then change back to normal care for dry hair.

Dry hair: The best home remedies
The best home remedy for dry hair is oils. Both the nutritious olive oil as well as jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil or argan oil. The oils do not only give moisture and care to the stressed hair splendor, they also provide protection for every single hair.

A mask with coconut oil is obtained by melting three tablespoons in a water bath. Into the molten liquid, stir in a raw egg and allow the finished cure to work in the hair for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.

An alternative Haarmaske succeeds with dried hibiscus flowers. These can be bought in the teas. Put a handful into half a liter of boiling water and let it rest for 20 minutes. Allow the tea to cool and lukewarm. Massage well, let it react and rinse with water.

No matter whether it is fine or strong: After washing, the hair is about ten times more sensitive than before – so should not be pulled into the hair even if you are in a hurry. A cold cast or vinegar rinse ensures that the dandruff layer contracts and the hair reacts less sensitively.

Also heat damages the hair: Therefore, one should not blow it too hot or too often, but rather dry in the air. Do not apply daily to the flat iron, protect the hair with a hat or cloth from the sun or apply a UV protection.

Wherever you looked this summer: flash tattoos in gold, silver and bronze were the body jewels of the season. The shining motifs are now also worn on the hair. Whether festlich under the Christmas tree or trendy (New Year) party – this accessory is definitely an eye-catcher.

In general, the hair tattoos hold on to smooth hair best. If you are prone to natural curls, you should first use the flat iron. After choosing a suitable motif, this is applied just like a fake tattoo on the skin. Remove the foil, place the tattoo gently on the hair and press with a damp cloth a little – ready. On dark hair the metallic nuances are very striking, with blond hair is the effect correspondingly more subtly. Extra tip: Choose the color of the hair tattoos matching the jewelry. The shining look is emphasized, the outfit can be less discreet.

Not only a long mane should be specially treated and treated gently, even a bob or short haircut can quickly become brittle or lose shine. High-neck haircuts or even the horse’s tail also wear long-lasting hair.

Therefore, splits, dry tips and more should be preferred – with intensive care such as a hair treatment or hair rinse, which get deep into the structure of the hair. Best of all? We do not have to buy expensive, in the worst case, also silicones-laden products in the drugstore market, but can make a hair treatment with home appliances from the kitchen quite easily.

We will introduce you to five different home remedies beyond Aloe Vera, coconut oil and shea butter for various hair needs and explain how easy you can make your own hair treatments.The hair is brittle and dry and feels more like a straw? Then we should leave stressed hair an extra portion of moisture. Dry hair tips tend to thicken. The result? They no longer grow, but break at the ends.

Remove the core of the avocado and separate the whole pulp from the peel and crush it.
To do this mix two tablespoons of jojoba oil or olive oil and add a dash of lemon juice.
Mix together and massage into the hair lengths. Avoid neck and scalp. For an even greater effect, wrap the tip of the hair with fresh-keeping foil.Subsequently pour in lukewarm water and wash out the residues with shampoo.So that the hair looks beautifully groomed and shiny again, a honey-olive oil cure helps. It gives the hair its suppleness back. In addition, honey as a moisturizer provides the hair structure, strengthens the roots and reduces hair loss

This Study Will Perfect Your HairStyles : Read Or Miss Out

If there is one thing that women like to change is their hairstyle. It is said that a woman who is about to change her hairstyle is preparing to change her life. All the opportunities are good: break, passage of the cap of quarantine, job interview … i put a lot on this hairstyle and for good reason: it can change the appearance of the whole.

Most of the time we record the picture of a mannequin or a magazine star and we file with the hairdresser. Later we will be disappointed with this attempt because we are far from having the same rendering.


One can not consider a new hairstyle without considering his face. There are no fewer than seven different forms. To simplify your life, I give you a simple little exercise to define the shape of your face: make a ponytail and sit facing a mirror.

Use a stick of lipstick and draw the shape of your face on the mirror. Then compare it with the images that follow below. (Think of erasing after that because the lover may not understand your new fad).

images (1).jpg

Hair dropped or ponytail for today? Enough! Step out of your routine and wear hair accessories to dress up your look and the sophisticated two-step three movements. Again, I tell you and I repeat it: everything is in detail. And the details are the accessories. Then, to your combs and bunches as we will together revolutionize your way of hair

Note that these hairstyles are usually easier to design and also prettier when your hair is a little dirty. I wanted to repeat again and again that if you attack your hair with too many shampoos, you spoil them! Especially since the hair fiber is more docile and holds better when there were a few days between shampooing and the elaboration of the hairstyle.


If your hair is too clean, you’ll have to dirty it! Yes, and this by bringing texture and material to your hair: a little foam, lacquer, dry shampoo, wax … It all depends on the hairstyle in question but know that it is also always good to brush Her hair before beginning these hairstyles so as to distribute the concentrated sebum to the roots. The hair will then be brighter and sheathed.

They hydrate themselves, that nature is well made! You now understand why when you wash your hair every day, your hair is bold at night. By using a detergent you remove natural sebum and your scalp takes revenge by producing even more. Perhaps a message from your body so that you stop torturing them and that you try these hairstyles.

Nothing is easier to accessorize your hair: grab a scarf or a headband and let your hair loose or place around it. A real play on short or long hair. Grab wicks and wrap them around the headband by twisting them, bunching over the headband and fastening it with bun pins, wear it in a conventional way such as a headband or a little “hippie” in Placing the headband like a crown.

The season of the beach rhyme with mane in the wind! Unfortunately, this is not the best thing for your hair. It is best to attach them and keep them away from the wind and the sun so as not to damage them. Moreover, with the many baths to come, it is better to attach them in height if you have a little length.

Things You Have In Common With HairStyles

Ladies with short hair can admit: they dare! But at some point the point in life, where every woman just has enough of her long mane and needs a general change. We have collected great inspiration from Hollywood, because stars are a real enrichment, as far as hair styling & fashion is concerned. We show 30 naughty short hair dresses, which are guaranteed to make a make-over!


Hair off or rather not? – refuses any woman. Some fear that the short haircut affects the feminine radiance. After all, cheeky short hair cuts do not really look like any face or figure. Large women with very short-cut hair are more or less male. However, a short bob is a good hairstyle for this, which is relatively easy-care and at the same time stylish. Before you decide for a radical change, let yourself be advised.


In fact, short-haired hair cuts on medium to small, slim women look better than on something strong. Under the short hair can hardly be concealed. Facial expressions, eyes, ears and a graceful neck come into their own. If you are proud of yours, then a cheeky short haircut is just right for you!

+ Short hair change the type and provide a wow effect

+ The daily styling takes only very little time

+ You can experiment with new hair colors

+ No intensive care and hair masks are needed more

– you have to go regularly to the hairdresser, because hair wake up per month about 1-1.5 cm

– more styling products, in this number also a good hairbrush for blow drying are needed

Elegant or quite naturally styled. Once the appropriate cut to the face shape and the hair type is found, you can always reach a different, new appearance on every occasion. Ladies with thick, strong hair recommend stylists to opt for frivolous cuts.

For thick hair, perfectly long Pixie hairstyles are suitable, with the hair from the top hair discreetly decent. Thus the facial contour is emphasized. The steps take on the gravity of the hair and set great accents. The hair can be blown backwards and stylishly stylized with some hair waxes as well as styling to the front.

Mittellange hairstyles are no longer a womaning and are becoming more and more popular in men in recent years. Since hair cuts and stylings like man bun and men ‘s pigtails are coming, it is high time to let the mane grow longer.

We have looked around for you at male celebrities and found really good examples of men’s breasts!Uncomplicated and timeless: the rear-styled hair is still a favorite of the men with medium-length hair. Using gel, hairspray, foam or wax, the hair style can be styled quickly. Find out exactly which product suits your hair type, because gel can look fast and greasy with thin hair.