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How to best bring out your jewelry

For many brides a very difficult decision. For some it is part of the perfect bridal look, for others it is not modern enough. In addition, veils cover the hair art work for which you have previously sat so long at the barber.But it does not always have to be the veil.

If you prefer bohemian-romantic, you can grab a headband or a hair band instead of an opulent veil, for example. These are available in a variety of designs: very delicate with pearls and rhinestones or large decorated with flowers.


Styling tip: With this hair accessory you can wear your hair well open! The longer and fuller, the prettier. But even a simple low bun looks great.

There used to be the popular custom of wearing jewelry with birthstone. Actually a sweet idea. Because: It was not only possible to guess at one’s birth month with one glance, but at the same time always had a suitable gift idea at hand.


The gems are said to have certain properties that should positively influence the wearer. In addition, each stone supposedly has certain healing effects.

One can believe in such mystical powers or not. The fact is: The jewelry looks really adorable. So why not choose next ring or chain matching your own birth month?

Accessories, jewelry and clothing create a triad: What is the dress without the right shoes, what is the sweater without the matching necklace? Read here how to best bring out your jewelry and create a harmonious outfit!

Costume jewelery is available in all conceivable shapes and styles, but usually contains no precious metals or gems and is correspondingly cheaper. With fashion jewelry earrings and necklaces you can quickly try out a new style, the combination options are endless. Basically, the costume jewelry should pick up a shade of clothing. Tone-in-tone combinations look good, for example, choose a light green necklace for the dark green dress. But do not overdo it: When all the pieces are perfectly matched in color, it quickly gets boring.

Jewelery made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or white gold are of course almost timeless. As far as clothing is concerned, gold goes well with earthy tones and again with black and white. Often gold is worn rather conservative and simple clothing and emphasizes the personal style. Gold and silver, or even gold and platinum, are not classically combined, but many make an exception to their favorite single items such as the watch or wedding band.


20 Myths About Party Hairstyles


To be able to look different at parties, is the dream of every woman. Thanks to the party hairstyles, it is possible to get it.Then we will talk about the different simple hairstyles for parties, with which you will be able to stand out on that special occasion.How to make hairstyles for a party.The first thing you must clarify before defining the hairstyle for a party is the type of event you will attend, whether it is formal, semi-formal or casual. Once, you manage to determine this, it is time to start with the hairstyles.


Among the most popular elegant party hairstyles, you will find the following:Hairstyles for long hair.A long, well-groomed mane should be well exploited. That is why we recommend you to wear it but in a controlled way. To take advantage of it, we will mention some ideas.The headband has stood out as…

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Police Photo Maker Suit 2018 Android App


let’s get cops! Download the Photo Maker Photo Suit and get ready to be the best police officer for a day. This free photo editing tool will help you become the best dressed policeman in the world. So get into this fantastic Photo Booth sticker and start using these photo frames to make the best photo montage ever!

Screenshot.pngDo not miss this opportunity to have this fashion app and enjoy fun photo for free!

Police Photo Maker Suit Features:

A lot of fantastic police photos frames!

Easy to use font editor photo shirt!

Prank Photo Editor for kids and adults!

Perfect boy dress up stickers!

Easy to adjust the photo to fit the combination.

Several models of police uniforms available.

Take a picture or selfie or use a pic of the gallery!

Choose your favorite police uniform and put your face in the hole!

Magnify / reduce, zoom in…

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Girl Body Scanner Android App 2018


With Girl Body Scanner, you can scan clothes and use them as an X-ray scanner and share this app with your friends and family on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other apps. It includes a normal mode scanner that serves as a tissue scanner and a power mode scanner that acts as an X-ray scanner, a joke app for Friendship Day. Download and enjoy this application.

Ask them to stand in front of the camera and pretend to scan them. Then show the results and start laughing on the floor. Scanning is the most excellent android applicatin if you excited to outsmart your friends with clothes scanners and you can check your body in underwear without undressing. It’s a fun way to make a complete picture with sexy bodies.

How To Use This Girl Body Scanner Joke App

1. Download and install this scanner scanner scanner

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