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How to clean your jewelry

I love jewelry, I always try to wear some every day that I go to university or work. What caught my attention is that a few days ago I tried to put on a necklace, had mutated its nice silver color by a kind of tenebrous yellow drawn from the horror films. Does not this sound familiar?


What happens is that we do not realize that our dear treasures need special care, since they are always in contact with our skin, dust and many chemicals. So to find no more unidentified objects instead of cute accessories, we have prepared a post on how to take care of your jewelry. Let’s go for the tips!

How to clean your jewelry
To take care of your gold and silver jewelry, there are different methods, between the homemade and the more sophisticated. Here we will see all of them. For example, you can do it with ingredients that you find in your kitchen, like lemon, salt and water: fill a glass with water, cut half a lemon and squeeze it, finally add a half tablespoon of salt. With this mixture you are going to brush your jewels (remember that it is with a brush of soft bristles not to grate the surface), you rinse very well and dry with care.

Another method is to do it with toothpaste, or neutral detergent and water. The procedure is very similar to the previous one, only this time you can let it rest for 10 minutes in the mixture and from there brush. In addition to this, I recommend you go through a temperature cycle, first with warm water and then with hot water. This, because the temperature change may mistreat the jewel, especially if it has some stone.

Leaving our homes and looking for more specialized methods, we have the magic flannel that must have seen some time. This comes with a special substance that by simply rubbing our rings or necklaces, they are as new. You can buy it in any jewelry.

Finally, for much more sophisticated methods we have the ultrasonic machine to clean jewelry. You can find them in jewelry stores and even buy some that are quite economical. The only thing we should take into account is not to use them with jewels that have stones, because they can be detached in the process.

These jewels need special care, remember that they are natural elements and we do not want the precious white that characterizes them to turn yellow. For this, we can use neutral soap and a damp cloth. Afterwards, you should only rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly; Some recommend leaving the jewel overnight inside a cotton cloth to absorb moisture.

A secret of my mother is that if it is a necklace of pearls, for example, you put it before bed and sleep with it put. The warmth of the body and the same grasite we have, will make your pearl necklace regain that spectacular shine that you like so much.Clean your fantasy jewelry
For these jewels, it is necessary to forget everything previously learned; That is to say, it is forbidden to soak them in water because they are not made with resistant materials such as gold or silver, at the most it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and some neutral soap. It is advisable to use lemon juice to clean and remove the rust.

The best thing is that you do not sleep with them, the sweat will cause them to be mistreated a lot and will not be beneficial for your skin. Do not bathe with your jewelry, even if it is the necklace of luck that you promised never to get you out. Most importantly: apply the perfume before putting on your accessories, not later !, but the alcohol will pass the bill.

When you have them, do not forget that they also need some care. If you intercalate between them and do not use them continuously, unless it is the string of luck, they will last you much longer. If you see any damage in the clasp or something, do not manipulate them, it is better to take them to a specialist. Do not expose them too much to the sun or damp places and above all, take them from time to time from their cases to see how they are and give them a clean.

Weight Machine Advantages / Disadvantages


If you are seriously interested in your training program, invest in a body weight machine scanner , the way to go. Dumbbells and weight machine in kg Both have their place and their advantages / disadvantages.


One of the biggest advantages of a weight machine is the warranty provided by the user. Often when working with free weights, you must have an “observer” with you during the workout to avoid injuries at the site of muscle failure during exercise. A machine weight, on the other hand, does not require the use of an observer during the workout.

There are many types of power tools for private and professional use, including bench presses, breast flying, lat leg press, biceps curl and multi-transfer machines to incorporate more of the above types in a system practice.

Bank pressing machine simulates the movements of the style of the traditional press without weight and is…

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Best shampoo and conditioner for hair growth


We are used to washing hair with shampoo and rinse with balsam. Make a natural shampoo at home does not offer any difficulty, but the benefit of such a shampoo several times will exceed most of the funds purchased on the shelves of stores. There are excellent folk remedies for hair care. They can be easily prepared at home, and the hair after them will be beautiful, strong and shine with their health.


2 spoons of oatmeal (oatmeal – ground oatmeal) boil with boiling water, add the yolk and you can spoon the honey. Obtained “dough” on the hair, massage and about 15 minutes (maybe less) to wash off. Wet hair is a little harsh, but after drying it becomes soft and shiny, the hair gets volume.

Mustard Shampoo
1 tbsp. Spoon mustard diluted in two liters of warm water and this shampoo wash your hair. Mustard is…

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How to Watch Tv Shows For Free Almost Instantly

Many people have wondered how to watch live TV without Internet. Not only do they want to know how to do it, it’s cheap and most importantly straightforward and easy. Well, this article is written for this purpose and will show what are the three preferred methods to watch satellite TV on the Internet.

Did you know that satellite TV channels have begun to broadcast their programs online. They are largely free of emissions and outside FTA to see, of course. Visit online sites like World TV and BeeLine TV to get an idea of ​​online TV broadcasting. They are sports live broadcasts, entertainment channels, movies, music, videos, news travel, reality shows like Survivor and so on, it is possible to find them there.

That is, perhaps the only benefit is that you can watch over the internet for free. You will be surprised, but there is a reason why those who do not know use. The charging time of each channel can take years, and when you start running, you would have been too eager to see. Image and sound are not the best.

PCTV cards are wonderful when it comes to satellite TV. These cards have appeared a few years ago and used to receive and TV stations to be displayed in a readable FTA TV to decode on the screen. With this powerful team, you can watch TV programs up to 100 or 200 TV stations worldwide.

These cards are internal or external cards that are used to connect internet satellite TV. Internal cards are fixed to the motherboard, which means that you need to expose your open computer to install the card. An external PCTV card has no problem because all you need to do is connect the USB cable card from your computer.
This is the latest development in the satellite TV industry built to offer an alternative to monthly payment services. Not to underestimate this small application because it is the creation of some of the leading software developers in the world. Too low cost to $ 49.99, you can watch over the internet satellite TV at home or office easily and instantly.

This application can be easily downloaded online retailer and once installed, it gives you instant access to 3000 TV station TV stations around the world and beyond. These stations show all sorts of programs such as live sports channels such as star sports and gamesports TV, movies, music videos, news feeds and more. Since they are FTA, do not worry about TV subscriptions because there is not one but a requirement that you need to do is to have a broadband internet connection.

Are you frustrated and tired of high cost just paying all the programs to watch your favorite TV shows and sports? Are you ready to learn free tv channels for mobile phones without internet today? We show some ways to watch TV; And even reveal how it is among the millions of people is becoming more popular. Everyone discovers all of this new technology that changes the way the massage of the average person.

The average person watches at least 2-3 hours of television a day. We’ve watched all of our favorite shows we love every day; Smallville, Ghost Whisperer, Deal or No Deal or any other program you like. Now you can see all programs under “free.” Yes, the days are over when you have a cable company to pay you to watch your favorite shows or sporting events. You do not even have to go to a contract or a single man and prepare a box to the television and has many tight son behind your television.

You have to buy a card for the computer from a computer store or retail. This card turns your computer into a TV. It allows the computer to receive TV signals transmitted by television stations and allow images to be displayed on the screen. With this method, you can receive hundreds of channels; Many retailers have however stopped to carry the card. It can also be frustrating for a person to understand how to connect the card
on your computer.
You will get an online provider and download the software on your computer. Then it allows you to receive around the world aired thousands of TV channels. This procedure does not require any additional hardware or spyware to buy. It is the most convenient method and can be easily downloaded by anyone; Even if you are not familiar with computers. Once you pay for the software you never have to worry about paying the monthly bills or worry about anything else to buy just watch T

Weight loss and diet apps


Better nutrition and more sport – this is at the top of the list when formulating resolutions for the new year. Luckily for both projects there are enough apps on the App Store or on Google Play. Which diet and weight loss apps recommend, you will find in the following guide.
If you want to lose weight, you should eat healthy. Often this is simply said as done.There are new diets and weekly programs every other day, but the main thing is the permanent change of eating habits, which leads to long-term success. And that is precisely the difficulty, because at home, in the office or on the road – everywhere sweet, fried and delicious. With the weight loss and diet apps we want to introduce in the following, one should not only practice renouncing, but a feeling for his diet.

The app focuses on nutrition and gives…

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Weight Machines

Weight machines are tools that people can use to exercise specific muscle groups to help them. Unlike free weights, machines are often safer and can be better for inexperienced weightlifters. The four main reasons why these machines are better than free weights are: easy to use, they are usually safer, they can help isolate a particular muscle group, and can reduce the time a routine of training.


Trainings are usually fairly easy to use, so the people who simply can not use the weight lifting know. In general, weight machines are easy to give, follow instructions as they should be used properly. An inexperienced help balance the weight of the user and help by the process. They also help properly develop people, should they use.

Another advantage of weight machine scanner is that they are safer usually than free weights. In general, they installed the machines in safety measures that prevent user injuries. An example of this may include the front weight stop can fall into the vehicle. However, the machines are not always safe and can cause injury if not used properly.

Fingerprint Weight machines can also support certain specific muscle groups. In general, weight machines are built for certain, such as biceps, exercise triceps, etc. However, it is important that a person is conscious and moving is not too extensive. You need to make sure that they have the right safety precautions and do not hurt.

Finally, weight machines can help a person save time on your exercise routine. When you train in a proper gym, they usually have machines that focus on all sorts of different muscles.

Weight machines take many questions about the orientation of the image. When you set the device to fit your body properly, your body is supported and allows you to perform a certain motion pattern. Outriggers do not have to work so hard. You do not need much coordination. This makes it less likely to be hurt. However, one does not get the advantage of an additional training to challenge balance and coordination.

Weight machines isolate certain muscle groups. Because you are structurally supported and can perform a series of movements, you can align a muscle in a way that is impossible with free weights. This design flexibility helps overcome some of the limitations of free weights that can not use the gravity and body placement. Some experts argue that this particular design is good that you can refine your training in a particular muscle. Others argue that it does not work and that our body does not move in this way.

Another advantage of the finger weight detector is that you can make your fast and effective workout routine. The machines are usually arranged in the same order that they would perform their exercises. You do not have to think about what to do. You travel from one machine to another, the setting for the setting, the screw insert and go. In gyms with electronic devices, machines also remind you of your routine at each station.

Many training devices offer variable resistance. The machine has typically resistance proportionally lower positions low muscle strength and strong muscle positions. For people who are particularly weak, it can facilitate the training. Without this variability, you are limited to what you can increase your weakness. For those who seek maximum strength, it can provide maximum challenges

All About Fashion Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why


Hairstyles are an alternative to innovate in the hair and create a new look. There are many categories of hairstyles and they can fit on several occasions and adapt to the length of the yarn.

Coke is a well-known hairstyle that can create a sophisticated look or just be the best option for warmer days. The look of this hairstyle can be elaborate or simpler and is a good request for various events.

Picture 5.png

A “potty” look can be created with textured hair and some loose strands. While a well-crafted coke and with more volume can be the hairstyle of a bride or bridesmaid.

In addition to the glamor of the hairstyle itself, it can be valued with braces, pedrarias or metal tiaras. The braids also serve to give a new face in this classic hairstyle.You know: not everything that comes up in the world of fashion and beauty pleases everyone…

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