Kids Hairstyles

Kids Hairstyles should be fresh and suitable for everyone. In recent years, people are not really too worried about their hairstyles. But those days are gone. Now people are increasingly concerned about their appearance. Hairstyle affects not only girls but also boys. Hairstyles for children are very important for children of all ages. Today, most children do not want to have an outdated hairstyle, because being bullied at school.

However, we have compiled a trendy hairstyles and news for children and adolescents. Choose one that can improve the appearance of your little munchkin trendy hairstyles for long hair for childrenIf you want to keep long hair, there are many great hairstyles for kids to choose from. The important thing is soft leather, bright and always clean long hair. Currently, many celebrities with long hair.



Top Ideas for Men Hairstyles 2016

Man, you have to know how to choose the haircut, beard, mustache, sideburns, etc. according to their traits and facial structure. And for the haircut, also it will take into account the shape of the skull, to adapt the most appropriate lines, not to mention their style of dress.

In recent years, the facial communication of man has taken great importance, and many have used to reflect a style. Very important to align the facial body style as the final communication is reflected as a whole. A cut or beard fashion or trend, has to engage the shape of his face, facial lines and also to the identity of the person. Fundamental to convey a style naturally.Short hair with bangs. So carefree hairstyle, bangs is a tendency bring to a side. short necks. Infromal worked with jovial and air.


Follow the toupee … not a new trend but is still booming with small changes. The pompadour hairstyle is carried to one side. very short or almost shaven and mark bay side. A marked trend for this season is to draw the line on one side. Napes clear. Always giving a natural image, be careful not to use lots of gel or pomade.


In most proposals ye have fixed the beard is still a gamble, looking for a total look -cabello, sideburns and beard. When choosing beard or mustache pin, must take into account the visagism-lines, shapes, volumes face.  . And do not forget to take care of her daily, whatever the style chosen.Look at the next picture. Hair, eyebrows, sideburns, beard, mustache and adjusted to the shape of the person’s face and worked very polished form whiskers.

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ways to repair your hair quickly

ways to repair your hair quickly

The pace of life and routine affects your hair is gradually damaged due to excessive heat or other factors that cause dulling and life. However, there are simple tricks that allow you to recover the vitality of your hair easily and without spending too much money or make great efforts. You can apply them daily and without forgetting them, so see how your hair becomes as bright and strong as ever.


1. Let it rest

Smoothing constant drying, massages, hair styling, tinctures, among other things cause your hair to lose strength. Let it rest, to dry naturally and is as it is. Do not ates for a few days and neither alises or ondules. Let it be as it is.

2. Cut the ends

Although perhaps cut your hair will not make it grow faster, yes it will grow stronger and healthier. So if you see that your tips are already heading, then choose to cut and thus eradicate your hair, not to lose life gradually.

3. Do not rub with the towel

Rubbing your hair is one of the worst things you can do for him. Instead of drying in this way when you leave the shower is better than just put a towel or T-shirt to dry without rubbing. This prevents it from becoming too broke or fluffy.

4. Do not wash as often

Routine and texture of each hair is different for each person. However, if you wash your hair all the time you do lose your hair natural oils and the vitality. If you want to clean it, you can also choose dry shampoo.

5. Skip the hair dryer

Excess heat from the hair dryer causes damage your hair gradually, so resulting in a dry, weak and brittle hair.

6. Use a mask of honey

To achieve a smooth and hydrated hair you can try try a honey mask on your hair. Put half a cup of honey in your hair freshly washed and slightly damp (not dry it with a hairdryer). Then used a plastic bag or shower cap to generate heat and let it act for 20 minutes (30 minutes maximum). Rinse with warm water.

Although, if you want this to be frequent you can add a little honey to your shampoo.

7. Hidrátalo always

Try moisturizers that can leave for several minutes. Remember that if you use moisturizer, should not use conditioner. Only one at a time. You do not want your hair to fill different products.

Discovering the benefits of music

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it but, you know all the benefits that music can bring to your child? If the answer is no, pay attention because today I propose to fill your home with musical notes.
Today, music is being introduced in education from an early age. Ignacio Gómez Peña, College teacher specializing in musical education Alamo, explains that “the benefits that music brings to children are very diverse. With music you work different aspects of the human environment, social, communicative and expressive level. “But if we want to help our baby from its early days and even from that is still within our gut, music is a great option. From 20 weeks of gestation, the baby can hear and remember melodies. And from the moment they are born, we can see how they respond to auditory stimuli. So why not use music to teach them to speak, move or store?
When teaching your baby to talk, music can be a good tool. Not only because it stimulates literacy, but also because it increases the concentration level. Most songs like katrina kaif afghan jalebi video song contain numerous rhymed and repetitive syllables that will help the child memorize and understand new concepts. And if we add to these gestures, we can promote learning as we pass a good time in the company of those we love most.
Also, music also stimulates the body expression. With gestures and different rhythms the child will incorporate new movements, thereby increasing their body coordination.
Music to relax and socializeMusic has the unusual gift of bringing people together, therefore, the baby who is accustomed to enjoy music, will be given to interact with other children.

Also, babies are calmer. We all know the famous phrase’the music soothes the fieras’, as we now understand its true meaning. If we are able to associate a melody to the quiet moments, when the child is more irritated can use to calm him that song. Peña Gómez recommends “children’s songs to soothe and entertain children and classical music as an accompaniment to other activities that require greater concentration, such as reading or drawing.”But as with any other habit, we introduce your child to the world of music gradually. Leaving a while day to enjoy the notes and rhythms in the company of the smaller, soon associate the music with a fun time and we will have achieved our goal: my baby enjoys the indian movie songs of katrina kaif.

Benefits of music – 2016

We all listen to music at all hours of the day when we’re on our way to school, when we work, when to eat, sometimes to hear without realizing it. In Mundo Rosa you have good news, besides that music encourages you and relax, also has countless benefits for your health, we are not lying.
Reduce headaches – Headache

The next time you have a terrible headache, listen favorite songs of Katrina Kaif – Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba) Lyrics ,because it is proven that music increases some neurotransmitters such as dopamine that causes pleasure and satisfaction and helps the pain, but not abuses and put heavy metal because they may the pain worse.

It increases memory performance and learning

Music activates both sides of the brain, so when you’re studying listening to music, because it maximizes learning and retention, as well as make your brain more easily process the information, so you know how to make to get 10 on your next exam .


Enhances creativity
According to a study conducted in 2014, the music at a moderate volume increases creativity. Even if you feel that music puts you off, you must also know that helps you have a more abstract and creative thinking. Try it the next time you have to write an essay or do some kind of tedious.

 It takes away the stress

It is proven that if you listen to your favorite indian songs – katrina kaif wedding video songs in times of stress, it will decrease because it makes you feel more upbeat and positive. Then when the school will cause stress, listening to music and feel better.

Improves athletic performance

If you are one of those who decide to go to the gym but do not last more than ten minutes on the treadmill, you have the solution, make a playlist with your favorite and ready songs, as well as that music distracts (so that neither you remember you’re exercising) also improves our energy.Nor can we say that music is the cure for all ills, but go to help, music puts us in a good mood and makes us more optimistic and who does not want to be happy?

Bridal hairstyles for girls with straight hair

Hairstyles brides are very important part of the whole. Next to bridal makeup and wedding dress are the most visible elements. Depending on how your hair, you should brush your hair in one way or another. For those who have straight or straight hair, we give them the best advice.

Straight hair is beautiful, so much so that we are not dying to be limp and use many tricks to achieve this, dryer, iron, permanent, anyway. So if you have straight hair take advantage of it and flaunt it on your wedding day! Here are some examples of what you can do with your hair for the big day.

Many types of brides, there are some that are very daring and like to do different things on their wedding day, others are more traditional and like to follow the established, but there are some who love the simple style, good news is that for all types of personalities are dresses, wedding hairstyles and makeup.

If you are rather simple and you like simple wedding dresses, and discreet makeup, it makes sense to also want a hairstyle simple but beautiful girlfriend.

Today I come to give you some ideas for you to wear her hair the day of your wedding. The first tip is to do the hair accessories your best friends, a nice tiara or elegant brooch will give much life to your hair that day.


Models haircuts for Ladies

A hair cut properly chosen can transform the style and look of a woman, so today we will review the types of cuts and hairstyles according to the type and face shape.How to know what your face type.You have to do is see your face in the mirror after a bath, and you will take advantage of the steam shower, and draw with your fingers the contours of your face in the mirror. Or just you can also find a picture where you see your face.After observing how is your face or face, came in when determining the form that has the same, for this you have to know very well the following:

If your face has the widest chin forehead. And wider at the line cheeks and narrows toward the jaw. If so, it is because you have an oval face.If your forehead is as wide as the jaw. The line where the hair grows on the forehead is straight. If so, you have a square face.If your face is as wide as long, and a larger part in the line of the ears. If so, you have a round face.If the forehead and cheeks are large, but the jaw is star. It is because you have a triangular face.Well now that you know what your type of face, and only left for you to know what kind of haircut suits you.


With sharp angles, rounded chin and prominent cheekbones. For this type of face, you have to minimize the impression of a round face, for that you have to make a cut in layers to frame the face.

You can also opt for a cut longer than the height of your face hair, this give the impression of having a longer and less flattened face. If you have a round face you have to avoid short celebrity short haircuts styles, rather you should keep long below his chin.This type of face can wear bangs to the side and a height to the eyes, so you get to give a more balanced way in the face and disguise the prominent chin.