Photos Toolwiz an Android app to keep your photos safe

Today we are going to talk about an Android application called Toolwiz that is a real find. This app allows you to save all your photos, sort them perfectly and even alter them through several filters included. But what it does best is to have saved all private pictures you do not want others to see.


Currently our mobile phones are the main device for taking pictures, at least we do daily and casual. That is also the device where we keep most recent photos and if someone picks it without our permission can view pictures that we do not want anyone to see. Photos Toolwiz so you can come in handy for more personal pictures, or those that do not want anyone else to see, you are safe from unexpected prying.

Toolwiz Photos and APS is an application for Android that lets you save all the pictures we do with our terminal. So far, just one of the many applications of this type. But he has a secret. When you open the application we find normal albums that we have organized and with a secret album to which you access by password.


This album is password protected and no one can enter. However, as it is to look someone might ask why there is an inaccessible private album. Well, to calm curiosity, Toolwiz Photos lets put two passwords. One is false and will access photos that are not private and the other will be to accede to those pictures that we do not want to see anyone. Thus, the curious will stay calm and not bother more.

However, if someone gets us moving and try to enter the private folder, by putting the wrong password three times, the phone itself will do a photo with the front camera, betraying the intruder. You see, thinking they have everything.

But besides being a great application to save those photos you do not want to see anyone, also it offers the possibility of ordering as we want all our pictures using tags. Also, with Toolwiz Photos also we can retouch photos to come out best in them and even put several filters to make our way in each.



Now the German label Nuclear Blast seems to be launching several DVDs, compilations or albums directly from their different bands, and now it’s the turn of the Swedes DEATHSTARS with the compilation “The Greatest Hits on Earth”, throw the lock 10 year career that leave behind for now begin a new stage, which will kick off next year with his next studio work year. On this path and how they face the future, we talk to Skinny Disco.

– Skinny Hi, thanks for your time. How focused are you now?

Hey there! We are busy with pre-tour with RAMMSTEIN preparations and ending wedding songs for our next album.

– Before going into your next album I’d start a little with the principles of the band. How did you get it? Would you mind doing a little tour on your activity during these years?

He had seen a few times in clubs around Stockholm Whiplasher but I had no idea who he was. One day during the spring of 2003, we did together on fashion show as models and then went for a drink. Later that day she asked me if I could make a bass test in their group. When I asked what band out and said DEATHSTARS immediately said no. But downplaying that, at that time I was busy with my group Revolution Riot and others.

The truth is that the band grudge against my former girlfriend. It was a big fan and was always saying how good they were, I hated it … Haha! But Whip did not surrender, gave me a CD and told me that, at least, give him a chance. And I did it. I thought it would not hurt to at least try. After spending a weekend with all the guys for a weekend in the city Antala, Stromstad, I realized we were the same and I really liked their sound.

We got a job opening for PARADISE LOST in October 2002 and this was our first European gia. When we got home I called and asked if I could be a member of the full-time and I said yes.

Since then I am more or less the leading business group. I’m like a tour manager when we have one nearby. Organize trials, print setlists and stuff.

– Over 10 years of experience for a group it is pretty, what now do balance of this decade?

I think we are stronger than ever. We have had many ups and downs this year, which I think has really made us better
adjusting ourselves but also to not worry about crap.

– And why did you choose the name “Deathstars”?

The group comes from the Death / Thrash underground scene, where people gender is usually taken too seriously herself. So we laugh a little of that. Just as there are popstars, filmstars, childstars, pornstar, should have deathstars.

– As I said before, soon you will draw your first compilation, “The Greatest Hits on Earth” so, after a long career but only 3 works long, why did you think it was now time for a disc of this type ?
We wanted to put closure to these 10 years we have left behind and also give new listeners concerts RAMMSTEIN a brief update of who we are.

– What do you want to achieve with this CD? I guess it’s always a good way to make your newer fans know a little more of your past.

Yes, it’s a very honest look at how we are and how we sound.

– Please tell us a little of what we will find in this compact and how you came up with the idea of ​​editing.

You find aps school songs that we believe are the most representative of us. Subjects who have always appreciated live and issues that mean a lot to us. We just wanted to close the chapter of years behind us and put it in a small plastic box …

– “The Greatest Hits on Earth” will contain two completely new Dj Aps All Albums Songs Download songs, “Metal” and “Death is Wasted on the Dead”. What could you comment on both?

“Metal” is the song that probably going to lose his driver’s license to listen. Has that primitive feeling that makes you want to drive fast, eat ice or jump from an airplane.

While “Death is Wasted on the Dead” is more classic sound DEATHSTARS. I’m really happy with both but I can not wait to edit the rest of our seeds.

– I read that these 50 Most Popular Wedding Songs, According To Spotify show your future musical direction so, how this new musical direction pint?

I do not know who wrote that. I have no idea how sound or paint our “new” musical direction. We are always striving to experiment with new things that make us sound more DEATHSTARS. But, absolutely, there is no formula to get there.

– In fact, many groups take a piece of his type when they are finishing a stage and / or starting a new, is this also the case Deathstars?
Yes, as I said we had a bumpy road here. We have had many ups and downs and it’s a good feeling to leave that behind and start something new.

– Anyway, can we expect soon a new compact studio? As they have been over two years since “Night Electric Night”.

Yes, there belong “Metal” and “Death is Wasted on the Dead”. We have a great record coming out as podamso finished filming. I can not wait to return to study.

– Soleis be labeled “Deathglam”; How well this fits with you?

We invented the genre as we get the album “Termination Bliss”. But these days a lot of groups and artists say qye is “their” genre, and we laughed about it. People can call us what you want, but my grandfather tell you we play Rock and that’s what I think it is. But yes, it has fit very well with us, because we play heavy rock spiced with glitter.

– In your May also many electronic music or Rock details among others. What are your main musical influences? Have you opened during estosaños, a new musical inspirations?

It has always interested me all kinds of music. I love everything, Flamenco Country or Death Metal and Crust Punk. I am constantly looking for new inspiration.

– Very soon you will be turning opening for Rammstein, what your your expectations? How do you feel about it?

The only expectation I have is that there are many people at concerts. It makes no sense to expect or desire, since I’m blind. But it’s a great feeling to have done it at last. We’ve been talking for a couple of years about doing a tour and finally it has come. I think we’ll have a good.

– That’s all from my side, thanks again for answering our questions. If you now want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Thanks friend! Stay tuned for our new album next year.

Tips for hiring the best band for a wedding

Songs is essential to the wedding party. Whether a versatile band music or a DJ, there are several things you should know to hire the best music service for a wedding.Live music gives you that “wow” factor to your wedding party, a difficult effect to achieve for a DJ. Choosing the right music group, will guarantee a fun party atmosphere that will make your guests do not leave the dance floor all night.Hiring a band is a bit more difficult to find a good DJ. If in doubt about what to consider when looking for a band for weddings, i suggest the following tips:


Finding good bands for a wedding.There are three ways in which a couple can find a band: attending an event, party or bar where they saw the presentation of the group; receive recommendations for family groups or couples who have married, or search the Internet services group with special packages for weddings.

How to know what songs group is right for my wedding.The most important thing is to check if the band has website or Facebook page to view the photos, videos and presentations in other weddings customer testimonials. These views are very important to know the reactions and references from previous clients. Remember that you can find the top companies live music for wedding in Mexico City in our directory.

An experimental band should have no problems in their repertoire, unless the customer chooses only a certain type of music, and should even be able to play the music that the couple want, as long as they provide the songs before.Finally, a band usually includes guitar, bass, drums, electric piano and two vocalists (man and woman). For greater impact, the band could include a full horn section, percussion, singers and even dancers. If you like traditional music groups choose a wedding with Mexican mariachis.

Much depends on where will be held the event. If it is held in a home, there must be enough to put the band space, there should be a light generator and especially considering that usually at 10:00 pm no music is allowed in high volume in residential areas, as well as provide space for rest of the musicians. If the event is held in a hall or hotel, will not have much problem with the above, only finalize details with the band.


Stradivarius coats and jackets fall winter 2015-2016



We discovered that some of the Stradivarius coats and jackets are for sale sign and, therefore, have taken the opportunity to make a selection with some of our favorites for fall 2015. Parkas, wool coats took the opportunity to make your shelter for a lot less!Stradivarius yesterday presented its new lookbook ‘Wear Dresses’, a catalog that focuses on the collection of winter dresses that will come to our stores in the coming months. Images that come to prove that retro and boho style are the guidelines that mark this season just opened Maxi, mini or midi?No matter what you like because they carry.Since this summer shoes Stradivarius to become the best selling season (with its legendary Esparto wedge sandal views everywhere), the signature footwear has gained prominence. They offer the latest fashion trends of the season and a very cheap price. Want to know what are some of the shoes that most will see this fall? Well look.


Sad Songs



The Beatles had the right idea in his song, “Hey Jude”, the adoption of a sad song and make it better. Cruelty to children is one of the saddest mujhe dushman ke bachon ko parhana hai songs of human songbook. Children not only have the physical strength to fight, but also the emotional ability to handle your negative experience. EMDR (desensitization and processing of eye movement) can be an effective therapeutic agent for the treatment of childhood trauma, but there are still things you can do to “make it better.”


Try to remember especially disturbing childhood memory, so use your imagination to think of ways to improve memory. Start with a good example, non-violent. You can fall back if your first response includes the portrayal of violence on your part. But think: in certain circumstances, violence is an appropriate response. For example, if you saw someone abduct a child, I would not say politely: “Please do not.” You have to take all the necessary measures, not excluding violence in order to prevent theft.

If you have suffered childhood abuse one kind or another, it represented a violent response can be quite appropriate. You can check your car adult intervention with imaginary powers to effectively deal with the situation, to stop or prevent abuse. Remember, the most disturbing memories of childhood, an adult who had protected could not do it for any reason. Therefore, when the mind, you project your confidence to the adult stage, you are likely to acting instead of the negligent caregiver. Childhood abuse can also take the form of negligence. This does not necessarily include a dramatic situation like being trapped in the basement. You have to ask yourself, when you were in need, they made their caregivers respond reliably unpredictable, or not at all.

No matter what you do to prevent an aggressor in their imaginary “rewrite”, make sure that your answer includes personal attention to its younger, vulnerable personality. Imagine that your (adult) embraced the little you, providing confidence that the danger had passed, and promising that now you’ll always be there. Remember the phrase: “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” includes certain duties. You recover that happy childhood, offering little messages that you may never have received in the course of their real childhood: You are appreciated; You are accepted; You loved; You understand that you respected. The provision of these long-awaited messaging is an important part of the “make it better.”

Decide and prosecute serious cases of childhood trauma, usually requires psychotherapy, but the technique of using your imagination to rethink the situation in a detailed re-watching can be a useful complement to the therapy.Heartbroken aps school attack songs are the perfect song. Once you’re done with that special someone, grief of the song can be an ideal tool.In fact, some of the fun will remind you of the best times we had together, and may make things worse. It’s a bit different, try your hand at writing songs with a broken heart after the collapse.

If you can not write a whole song, I try to write a poem, and grief. If the poem is more difficult for you, or something that is completely out of the norm for you, try to write a letter sincere long. My suggestion would be, though, if you can write a song, go for it.
There’s no other feeling like someone has to write a poem or a song just for you. Thus, your ex can actually be moved, to see what you’ve written a song called NEW Milli Naghma Dushman K Bachon Ko Parhana Hy Song with a broken heart only to him or her, and they may reconsider things. At least, this gesture will pull at your heart for sure. When writing songs just rhyming words, and then put them to music. You should not be able to write the actual music, just words. Just get a melody in my head, and then sing the words of the song. If you are struggling with the melody, I think of the beloved pakistani milli naghma 2015 Peshawar School Attack Songs and rewrite the words to her.

Sometimes writing songs is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are a ton of heart party songs ever written for you. Just I think that some of your favorites and listen to those you may be surprised to learn that they have a new meaning now. There is a good chance that your ex is to find new meaning in their favorite music. Another thing is trying to make a CD of some sad music and send it to the former with heartfelt letter. This method usually works well because you will be very careful in choosing the songs that express how you feel. Now, every sad song is not always a good choice to send. You have to really listen to the meaning of the songs, and then select only the pakistani milli naghma list aps songs that match your situation. In the end, you do not want to send the wrong message to him or her.

A good technique to turn a sad song or two about the relationship end, after this kind of music, including lifting songs about relationships. If you two have a special song, do not forget to use it for the last song on the CD. Thus, your ex will remind you of happy times together and not focusing on the bad or wrong.

The ultimate in a wedding package in the Ultra-luxurious St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora for $ 250,000

Looking for a place for a lavish wedding with unspoilt nature and clear waters?.The St. Regis Resort, on the exotic island of Bora Bora, has partnered with the sensational Norwegian fashion designer Cecilie Melli for personalized wedding songs programs for those wealthy who want a lavish wedding in the exclusive resort.paquete-de-boda-en-st-regis-resorts-bora-bora-6.jpg

You can choose from an original selection of wedding dresses, under the new program resort “Bridal Boutique” and access a “butler” who will advise and assist in the preparations for the wedding plus songs they will organize anything from room service to an all-day picnic on a private island.paquete-de-boda-en-st-regis-resorts-bora-bora-1.jpg

In the package of $ 250,000, also it includes a 10-night stay in the luxurious suite “Royal Estate Villa” of 13,000 square feet located within 44 acres of beautiful Bora Bora. Dinner the night before the wedding, will be hosted by the chef Jean-Georges in the lagoon and the unique experience will be captured by a professional photographer who will accompany you throughout the day.


Also you have meals, airport transfers, round-trip tickets from Los Angeles to Tahiti, water sports and five villas for five couples for five nights. To qualify for this plan, you will have to submit a bid in the charity event Carousel of Hope, where the program will be auctioned wedding. The auction will take to Jay Leno as host with George Clooney as guest of honor. The event is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz


Outside registration

Undoubtedly, visiting registration every day is becoming increasingly popular, because thanks to it provides a unique event, a certain extreme, the opportunity to realize their dreams as much as possible on this special day of your life. Marriage registration helps to go beyond the ordinary. This is the day when you can give yourself a touching and simply unforgettable emotions, and to invite to this exclusive holiday for all friends and family. Beautifully decorated for the celebration has many options – this outdoor floral arrangements and wedding arch and red carpet, and a pair of white doves, and the kids, angels, crumbled in front of the bride delicate rose petals ..


There are two possible exit registration:

-Postanovochnaya Or symbolic registration

-The Official marriage registration
Official exit registration of marriage due to the complexity that the registrar and visit: the magazine is not driven out of the area adjacent to the Palace of marriage and the ceremony you must be on time.

Therefore, the most preferred exit staged marriage registration. It gives free rein to select the format, time and place of marriage registration.

Symbolic exit registration
In this embodiment, a visiting place for registration, as well as the time, you are free to choose their own. Visiting registration of marriage is possible everywhere:


visiting a wedding outdoors on a flower-filled meadow;
exit registration on the roof,
visiting the wedding ceremony in the showroom,
visiting a wedding on the beach, on the banks of the picturesque lake or river,
visiting marriage ceremony on the ship,
exit registration in the estate,
exit registration of marriage in the restaurant or banquet hall,
visiting the wedding ceremony in a balloon,
exit registration wedding on board the aircraft,
visiting marriage in the parking lot,
Wedding exit registration in the woods,
exit registration wedding on an exotic island,
and another 1,000 original ideas ….

In the case of staging a songs to play during a wedding ceremony is always present on-site and the registrar of marriages. This may be a well-known personality or actor who perfectly perform their role and cause a lot of positive emotions among your guests.
To organize visiting registration is recommended to visit the registry office and obtain a marriage certificate. To make it more convenient to just on a weekday, when there are no queues.

Back to the top
The official registration of marriage-the-spot
Legal registration of marriage registration today possible in several cultural and historical places of the city:


Marriage registration in Tsaritsyno – Tsaritsyno registrar. Marriage registration in Tsaritsyno became popular after the restoration of the manor. Today, visiting registration Tsaritsino loved and because of the delightful nature, beautiful in every season, thanks to a refined and truly fabulous architecture and great possibilities offered newlyweds Palace. Reviews pairs confirm exit registration of marriage in Tsaritsyno – a great option for Muscovites!Off-site wedding on Poklonnaya Hill – Kutuzovsky registry office. Poklonnaya Hill has long been a cult place for honeymooners. And the fact that today there may be carried out visiting the real wedding ceremony, only adds to her popularity.